Monday, June 30, 2014

Lucky Ticket

I created this background first by stamping an alphabet stamp from Stampers Anonymous in black, and then using blue, purple and red paints with a stencil. Finally I took an old circular tape roll, painted it white and stamped that.
See this giant flower centerpiece? I was at one of those mark down stores, the kind that sells whatever overstocks and truck load buyouts they can get. I found packs of KC & Co. die cuts and doily cut paper for $1.99 a pack. Love when I stumble across a bargain like that.
Thought it would really work on this page, a pop of brightness to make the page have some color. I outlined the flower with a white pen, and then added my journaling.
Today I am off to visit my mom. She's a couple of hours away so it'll be a bit of driving to get there and home tonight, but will (I hope) be a good visit. Won't have my dog to keep me company in the car :(  ; he loved road trips like me, but I guess I can sing loudly or something to amuse myself.
Thanks for visiting.

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bindu saju said...

The road trip will give a lot of ideas to you for sure. Enjoy !.