Monday, February 23, 2015

Vacation, So Far

A few vacation views-what to do when you are spending a week local in cold and snowy New England.
What else-
eat ice cream!
Last Friday when I got out of work the daughter and I started my break off with a little spring clothes shopping (one can hope I will eventually be able to wear them) and dinner out in a diner. And we had to split one of these yummy treats,
Window art.
Oh please, No More Snow!
My trip north. More snow. 
I knew it was too much to ask Mother Nature for.
Weird how you can't see any snow in this photo. Little photo gremlins wiped the snow pixels right away.
But a great hockey game and a win.
I refrained. But a piece of one of these pies or cakes would have tasted beyond delicious I bet.
A pretty snowy morning as the storm cleared away.
I suppose the fact that these look really pretty to me, even when I am finished with snow means I am losing it.
I think I really am.
And some cool textured sea ice.
And as we drove through Portland, Maine, we passed this landmark, the B&M baked bean factory.
I wonder if they do tours?
And finally, thought you might like the view of downtown Portland from the highway.
So far, it's been a great vacation.
How was your weekend?

Thanks for visiting today.

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