Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Miss

And I miss yellow.
How about a bit of blue?
And oh for a sea of green grass.
Blue sky.
Leaves on the trees.
Sunny warm days on the ocean.
Listening to the waves lapping and the gently rolling of the boat.
I have a vacation in another week and a half, and I almost always head someplace a little less wintery. This year that's not on my list, and I will miss the journey,
but the good news is I think the hubby comes home from the hospital today after 10 days of healing.
He still has a long way to go 
(and thank you for all the  hopeful and thoughtful comments),
hopefully he'll be making a better than originally expected recovery down the road.

Thanks for visiting today. I love when you stop by-and I love when you comment too.

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