Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tags and Such

A few more tags to show you today. 
This one started with a gelli print attached to an ivory tag. Then I painted, stamped and doodled a bit.
And the fish here are made by die cutting a tag on some watercolor paper I had painted with Silks. Love those mica based acrylic paints. The start and the sea horses are from a steam punk Chocolate Baroque stamp set called Funky Fish. I used more silks to paint them, along with some markers.
I painted the sea weed with Silks too, and then added some clear Viva paint pen bubbles.
Here's the Chocolate Baroque set. I've had a lot of fun with it!
There is a matching set that goes with it also.
This one is called Steampunk Sea World. 
I've also been having fun with this one too.
But what would you expect from me?
And one more tag to show you.
Lots of paint on this tag, along with some stenciling and stamping. The bubble edging is a sticker with some paint added. And this little turtle stamp from Magenta is one of my all time favorite images.
So far I am having a good vacation. We had a little break from the cold on Sunday and now we are back into the deep freeze for a day or 2. Yesterday was paint the wall in my daughter's bedroom day and today the hubby and I are off to the kidney specialist in Boston.
Oh such adventures.
While cleaning my daughter's room yesterday so I could actually paint, I came across this book from her childhood that I really love.
So I stopped my work and took a little lunch break to read it again.
Boy did it make me smile and forget life's troubles for a bit.
I think this book will vanish into my bookshelves. (Unless she asks for it back, which of course, I would give it back to her.) But until then, I think I will pull it out and read it whenever I need to remember what relationships are all about.
Or if I need a smile on my face.
I also found my old copy of Half Magic on her shelves.
The cover on mine is very different and the pages are rather yellowed but I remember I loved that book. My fifth grade teacher Miss Hodgson read it to us and I was hooked.
I snagged that book too.
Kind of makes me want to venture into the attic and see if I can find any of those other childhood favorites. 
Do you have any childhood books either from your own childhood or your children's childhood that speak to you?
I'm off for now.
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