Monday, February 16, 2015

Catching the Monster

We have hurricane (practically) force winds this morning, and it is BITTERLY cold so it feels like the North Pole with wind chills at like -20 or -25 degrees Fahrenheit.  BRRRRRR. And all you can hear is the howling of that wind.
Luckily they have delayed the start of school today-
never mind the snow they got at the coast yesterday-like 18-20 inches.  Luckily I live inland and we only got 10.
Still too much but better than 20!
A little bit of color in my tag today.
Color is a good thing when everything is white and the snow is blowing along the top of the snow base just like you'd see in the arctic.
I used this dragon stamp a few times recently and you might remember my Asian style tag.
In case you never saw that tag, I'll show you again.
Image is from Postmodern Design.
Stay warm today if its cold where you are.
But stay cool if its warm. (But don't tell me if this is you as I am so  jealous!!!!)

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GlorV1 said...

Hi Erika. Very nice work you have going here. Love your style.:)