Friday, July 7, 2017

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Happy weekend everyone!
Today I have another page for Elizabeth's challenge at Art Journal Journey. Summer Love-so many different things spring to my  mind.
Today my summer love is all about the garden and farm goods that are so yummy and fresh in the summer. I added some herbs-basil and thyme -as well as veggies and some fruit.
 I made my page by painting (mostly with a little doodling and stamping at the end) different fruits and veggies. I had a lot of fun making this page and think it would make great fabric. 
 And even though my page was mostly done before I went out and did some weeding in the garden today, look what I found. Some of my plants have tomatoes starting.  :) Can't wait for fresh tomatoes  right from my garden.
And my climbing rose looks amazing right now too.

 I even noticed this dragonfly, and he posed for me to take his photos.
So the big plan this weekend is that my daughter is moving out tomorrow. She's moving a couple of hours away. Oh no. But in another way I am glad she is moving forward with her life as she is 25 years old. And I know she'll still be around frequently. So tomorrow we get to help her move some of her things, and I'll finally get to see her new apartment. :)
Anything exciting for you this weekend?


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a clever and unusual page for Art Journal Journey, today, dear Erika. I agree this would make fabulous fabric. There are places that take your drawing and turn it into fat quarters or one yard. I would love to see this done. It's a marvelous entry, and you drew the fruits and veggies SO well.

Your tomatoes are doing better than mine. I only have ONE and it still hasn't ripened. And your roses are incredible. They are truly lovely. Capturing that dragonfly was really icing on the cake.

Thanks for sharing your journal page at Art Journal Journey, dear friend. I love it.

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your veggie page! Fresh fruit and beg are really something to be in love with in summer. Yesterday I visited the botanical gardens here at the university, we saw lots of wonderful plants, flowers and veggies there, too. Happy weekend, hugs, Valerie

Dortesjs said...

Absolutely adore your photos and artwork ;O))

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I love your fantastic garden- and farm goods page for ELizabeth's theme Erika and your climbing rose is a BEAUTY!!! I had just such formed tomatoes for breakfast - but they were bought - I don't grow any tomatoes her in my garden.

Our daughter started off with her girlfriend and her parents and brother to a camper's week at Lake Balaton in Hungary this morning.
I will visit my father in hospital tomorrow - it's a one and a half hours car drive tour to Linz from here - I feel so relieved that my Dad feels good - he had to have an emergency surgery after they found a brain haemorrhage - all went well - he told me that he is already feeling very well and that he will leave hospital on Tuesday - so I am really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow and that I can hug him. It's like a wonder for me after I had feared the worst at the time I was informed .

Big hugs and thank you for all your support - HAPPY WEEKEND to you and hubby - a bit sad that your lovely daughter moves further away - but you will manage to see her often as well I guess ! Thank you so much for your continued support to the challenges dear Erika!
oxo Susi

CJ Kennedy said...

Your journal page would make cute kitchen curtains. Mmm, fresh tomatoes. I'm missing those this year. Himself is having problems with his back so no gardening for him. What an exciting time for you and your daughter.

nanskidrewski said...

Love home grown veggies. Beautiful roses! Good luck with your daughter's move.

Sandy said...

I do miss our vegetable garden and our beautiful chickens who gave us lots of fresh eggs!
Sandy xx

Sandy said...

I forgot to tell you how wonderful I think your drawings of vegetable are - looks right good enough to eat!
Sandy xx

Meggymay said...

Oh yummy vegetables, nothing can compare to the ones we pick and take straight to the table. Its a fantastic journal page.
You will miss your daughter, but its good when they spread their wings and make a home for themselves.
Yvonne xx

Lisca Meijer said...

Wow! Your tomatoes are coming on! Your climbing rose looks absolutely gorgeous. I hope you can see it from the house. I would sit there and look at it all day.
End of an era, your daughter is moving out. I'm sure you will continue to see her often.
Have a good (rest of) the weekend,

Gibby Frogett said...

Working backwards :)
Love LOVE your veggie page - yes wouldn't it make a great fabric - a bag with buckles and the long and shorter handle option sprung to mind.
Your tomatoes are looking good - Dave was busy picking our French beans this morning and freezing them - another 600 grams - wish we had a bigger garden to be able to grow more stuff.
Love your climbing rose - isn't that a beautiful colour.
Happy Sunday... Gill xx

Divers and Sundry said...

Yum! Fresh tomatoes! I didn't plant veggies this year, and now I'm wishing I had lol That rose is gorgeous, and I love your trellis. Great shot of the dragonfly. Congrats to your daughter on this new stage in her life.

Jeanie said...

Your roses are just dazzling. And I love your page. It's so cheerful with all those wonderful veggies. You've been painting!

Bet that bush smells fabulous!