Saturday, October 17, 2009

A howling night

Yes!!!!!! Some art. Wow!!!!! Been making some Halloween tags and this one of my favorites. The skeleton stamp is by Tim Holtz, the graveyard and stars and spiders are by Inkadinkado and solar system by Stampa Rosa and the words are by Nick Bantock. Spooky.

So speaking of spooky. Was out in my hot tub just awhile ago and some coyotes started howling... wow. Was a little worried about my 2 cats who were still out but got them in, it helps its pretty chilly out there-still. Haven't heard the coyotes here for awhile, and wasn't expecting them...even harley was out on a sniff craze. I heard once that if you have a dog and they pee around the edges of the yard as their territory it keeps the coyotes away...but not sure. I mean they weren't that close...but wow- it is a cool experience and being close to nature is really easy to do here in my neck of the woods in New Hampshire. One thing I love about living here. I've had bear on my back deck (in the bird feeder) and moose in the back yard...owls in trees outside the front!

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