Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinquo de Mayo

I know saguaro cacti are not exactly strictly Mexican, but they are Southwestern. So today being the Mexican Holiday I thought I would share these gelli prints I made using a homemade stencil and mask I made of a saguaro cactus.

I was really happy with the way these 2 pages came out,and I can't wait to figure out how to use them in my journal.
I was also lucky enough in 2012 to visit Southern Arizona and get to see these really cool plants in person.

These are photos I took. I didn't know these cacti can grow to be many stories high and its tens of years before they start branching out. I learned all that my trip to Tucson.
I was so amazed by them I actually made some pages in my travel journal referring to them.

So we had a blast of summer yesterday and last night. Slept with all the windows open.  Oh love it. Going to be a bit cooler today, but still beautiful! Oh, I wish I was still on vacation!! Ha-ha!
And lastly, since today is Cinquo de Mayo, have a burrito and a margarita to celebrate the vibrant culture of Mexico. Yum, think I'll do that myself tonight too.
Thanks for stopping by.


Valerie-Jael said...

Love your cactus artwork, cool colours, too. Great photos, those trees are enormous. How old do they get to be? Hugs, Valerie

Viola said...

Gorgeous! :)
I so much love your painting and photos! So far from my surroundings here!
I too have a gelli plate, I have to go back to it. And I love the shadows of the cactus in your painting.
The cactus are huge!!