Tuesday, May 12, 2015

When I Buy My Island

One of these days when I will become a rich and famous artist (ha-ha) I am going to buy an island out on the big lake in my area and live in one of these fun little summer houses only accessible by boat.
And I will have a big bright studio where I can paint and stamp and sketch all day and then continue all night under starlight and moonlight. Maybe I'll take a break for a swim on hot days or to read a good book under the shade of a big old tree.
Look at this place.  I love it! Talk about a private get away retreat.
And from my little island I will watch  loons swim by my dock.
 And I will watch the big tour boat  go by. I'll wave at all the people on board.
 And look at the scenery I'll have!
I can watch the mallards bob for food.
 And watch the snow melt on the ski runs up on one of the local mountains.

 And in my boat I can cruise into town from my island.
And see Maddie's ears flap in the wind-which she loves.
And when I want some touristy action I can head over to the Weirs for some fun.
And have a slice of pizza too.
And Maddie thinks that summer life style sounds great too.
What's your plans when you become a rich and famous artist or writer or poet or traveler or movie star or teacher or whatever it is that you just love doing?

Thanks for stopping by and see you again very soon I hope.


Valerie-Jael said...

Ha, nice thought! I think I am already too old to get rich and famous in this life, but when you manage it, I would be grateful for an invite! Hugs, Valerie

Indira said...

I would like to join too!