Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Fun

I had all kinds of productive plans for yesterday, and I started off successful, and then the heat got to me and I slipped into an afternoon coma, reading and napping! Not such a bad way to be, though part of me is feeling like I just wasted part of a day.
So today I have some views from my quick summer journal to show you, along with a few photos from last weekend.
 Sketched glass of beer, some stamping, some inking.
 I cut up a piece of paper to get the happy face, stamped, used some tape and wrote a little note.
 I layered papers, glued down all the little scrap paper dots from my paper punch, and added some scrap items laying around on my work table.
 And I made a little flap page. And inside I added a tag with a few notes.
So last weekend (4 days worth) was full of summer fun. My husband took a day off  from work and we went boating on Thursday-and then again on Sunday. My daughter took Friday off from work and we went shopping all day. And then on Saturday my husband and I went to Maine to visit my brother and his family along with my cousin and his family who had come to visit. No wonder why yesterday I slipped into the lazy afternoon mode! I think I was totally worn out!
Here's some boating photos I took on Sunday.
 These people have this stone hippo out on the rocks in front of their house. He is usually just exposed during high tide. But with the spring tide-because of the full moon- the tides were super high. I love (ha-ha) how they put this life jacket on him.
 I want to make this photo the basis for a painting. The blue boat.  It almost looks like a painting here.
 It has been so hot it wasn't surprising people were out at the state beaches. You can walk from the beach onto these rocks and a jetty. We, along with lots of other folks, anchored our boat off the rocks to swim and relax.
 I love this photo of my daughter. She came with us on Sunday.
 This is the jetty during the super high tide.  I love the sailboats in the background. I think they give the photo some flavor.
I found these shells when I went swimming into shore.
That's all for me today.  I am hoping I can maintain my energy and get something accomplished today.
And if not, well then I guess it will have to wait for another day.

Hope you have a wonderful day.


Valerie-Jael said...

Love your summer journal, and after doing so much, no wonder you just wanted to sleep and read. Great photos, the blue boat is fab, and your daughter is so pretty! Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your pages are so full of life - and I adore all this super photos!
Thank you for sharing Erika! Don't mind being lazy some days - you are on holidays! FREE TIME!!!


johanna said...

These really look like summer fun! here it is way too hot for my taste...