Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Notes

So it is an absolutely gorgeous day here in my neck of the woods. The dog desperately want her walk (which should be interesting as I now have 2 dogs since my daughter has moved back home with hers), so I am keeping this short.
Had success yesterday finding a place for my mom in assisted living. What a gorgeous place this is she will be moving into in just a couple of weeks. Hope she doesn't change her mind.
Now my house is a disaster as  my husband has a tiny bit left  to finish on my living room ceiling, so all that furniture is moved, and my daughter moved home (at least half of her stuff) and dumped it all in that spot. I was hoping to finish repainting the walls this week but now I can't even get to it with all her things in the way. Should have done it Monday before all hell broke lose. So much for being lazy one day out of the summer!
So today I am hoping to get into the studio after the dog walk. I have a lot of half finished pieces on my table, so I can have something fun to post. But today I have a card, as a few weeks back I made a stack to have for those moments they are needed. I think I need to keep this quote in mind as I go through my day. Because life can sure test your patience, can't it? This card is nothing amazing but does have collaging and stenciling. Stamping too.
Hope everyone's day is going smoothly! Thanks again for stopping by!


Blogoratti said...

That's a fine card, hope you get around to sorting out your space. Greetings and best wishes!

Valerie-Jael said...

The card is beautiful love the idea. Glad your Mom has found a good place to live, that's important. Take your time and you will have everything cleared away soon, I hope! Have a lovely day, hugs, Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Actually, I think this card is pretty FINE. I really appreciate the beauty of it and ALWAYS love dictionary pages.

johanna said...

awesome Card, love the Quote... wish you success in sorting through the turmoil