Thursday, January 4, 2018

Travel Aventures to Come

Hi everyone from snowy New Hampshire. The big storm is here today. There are blizzard conditions  developing at the coast and heavy snow starting this morning. And no school! This is what we get during our little "warm" break from the bitter cold. But the bitter cold is coming back for the weekend. Of course! :)
So let's look ahead to happier and more exciting things. At the end of April, I am going to Japan as a school representative to our sister city of Nichinan. There are 5 adults  and 8 kids going. The good news is that the other 4 chaperones are people I know really well and get along  with. We all teach science, and I've even traveled with 2 of them before, including the woman who I went to Iceland with 2 summers ago.  And our tickets have been bought. :) So I really am going, unless our lovely president (written with a large hint of sarcasm) or someone else in that general part of Asia does something to disturb the peace enough that the school doesn't think it is safe enough for us to go.
It's really crappy to have to think that way.
So I won't think that way. I will be positive.
My page today is all about Japan.
My page began with my stamping the tradition Japanese building in multiple colors several times on my background. Then  I created the bamboo insert with various stamps (some are from Magenta and Crafty Individuals) and a little coloring. I doodled and hand painted the cherry blossoms in the 2 corners, and stamped the face (Oxford Impressions) many times. I fussy cut out each face and added them to the page.
Our Japanese culture lessons start later this month which is what I was thinking of when I started this page. But of course, in case you haven't figured it out, I am very excited to go. The general agenda is 4 days in Nichinan, 2 in Kyoto and 2 in Tokyo. 
I am sure I will have more to chat about some other day, but needless to say I am linking this page up to Art Journal Journey where our latest theme is New Year, New Adventures.
I hope wherever you are the day is sunny and a nice winter warm temperature. And then maybe you can send a little bit of it my way. :)
Thanks for visiting.


Jeanie said...

You will love Japan! We became involved with our Sister City, Otsu in Shiga Prefecture, many moons ago and while we still aren't connected, we keep in touch with many of our Japanese friends. I adored Kyoto and I loved the different experiences we shared as part of home stays. I had huge culture shock in Tokyo -- my first days in Japan and I was terrified I would be separated from Rick who could read and speak a bit. But it was fascinating. I'm a little envious -- and April should be beautiful!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

>>WOW - that sounds so exciting with Japan Erika! Great that it is fixed now! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful page - and the quote is wonderful !!!
Oh gosh what a weather?!
Here was a big storm in Germany with the lovely name "Burglind" and brought a bit to Austria as well but just to the western part of our country - we didn't even recognize something here from it.
Thank you for such a fantastic page linked to the theme!
Stay safely Erika!
oxo Susi

Anonymous said...

Love the page to illustrate. What a great trip this will be. Stay warm, stay dry. xox

craftytrog said...

I really love your Japanese themed page Erika, great colours and images!
What a wonderful trip to look forward to, so exciting!
Alison xox

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful journal page Erika! hugs, Valerie

Divers and Sundry said...

What an exciting trip! I'm a fan of Sumo and think it'd be wonderful to go to Japan and see sites associated with that sport and see some of the Japanese cultural/religious sites. I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip and seeing your photos :)

kathyinozarks said...

oh how exciting to go to Japan-and that makes it more fun that you already know some of the people going--sorry you have to deal with a blizzard that's no fun-we are finally starting to get out of the minus temps today hope it stays that way for awhile--love your newest art page too-stay warm and safe Kathy

Caty said...

Wualaa Erika, this page is just wonderful!! I like very much the way you have created it, the stamps are gorgeous.
Your next travel to Japan may be very interesting!!
I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year 2018, full of Happiness, Joy, adventures.... and creativity too !!
Very nice evening, big hugss

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sorry, Erika, but I won't be able to send you some better weather because like you I too live in NH and we are having a snowstorm, blizzard and whatever various other names the weather forecasters name these storms. But going back to my childhood it's a BIG snowstorm. The upcoming trip sounds like a wonderful thing to look forward to especially during these cold and snowy days. And, we have a snow day all the time as we're retired and no need to shovel as we live in an apt and our cars are safely's a good thing!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oooh! I do hope you do go - I am already looking forward to seeing photos!! Your page really has captured your own excitement with the multiple faces and the hand painted cherry blossom! Hugs, Chrisx

Meggymay said...

It sounds like you are going to go on an amazing trip. Yes its work related, but I'm sure you will see some wonderful places. I do hope that the plans will go smoothly for you all.
Its a fabulous page Erika and you must have been so patient fussy cutting the pages.
I hope you are keeping safe and warm in those cold temperatures.
Yvonne xx

Little Artbee said...

Your Japan inspired page looks great. All the stamps and motifs work perfectly together.
But sorry I also cannot send you sunshine. We have storm since two days and it is raining since two weeks. I am also longing for some sunshine. I hope heaven has mercy and sends us a bit of sunshine.
Happy, healthy and creative New Year to you.

CJ Kennedy said...

Heard the weather dudes call our storm a Cyclone Bomb as it very much had a definite eye wall like a hurricane and as it came up the coast, it exploded.

How exciting to think about a trip to Japan. Even better that you know the people you will be traveling with. I think your page captures the energy and excitement about planning a trip.

Stay warm

SLScheibe said...

Your page looks fabulous and I love the smiling faces! And what an adventure! Japan has always been on my list of places to visit so I feel envious! Lucky you! That's bound to be an amazingly interesting trip :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

As seems to be the case, I'm late visiting, but was very anxious to read about your page and your upcoming trip to Japan. So, did the school pay for the trip, or do you have to do that yourself?

I simply adore your beautiful Japan inspired page and love all those stamps you used. And I LOVE the cherry blossoms you drew. They should be in bloom while you are there.

Thanks for sharing this beauty with us and everyone at Art Journal Journey today, dear friend and great host.

lena-dailyscrap said...

Great page - very well done! I m sure you will LOVE Japan! Happy new adventure!