Thursday, June 28, 2018

Inari Shrine

Hi everyone. I have been busily wrapping up my Japan Travel Journal this week. Still not quite done, but I am really getting close. So today I have another inspiration page for Gill's challenge at Art Journal Journey
On the left is the wrapper from a bag of mini chocolates I decided to try out. They were kind of like   Kit Kat bars (which are extremely popular in Japan-they have whole Kit Kat bar stores) which is a flavored cookie wafer  dipped in chocolate. I liked these mini candies quite a lot and decided to save the wrapper. On the right page is my sketch of the Inari Shrine in Kyoto that we went to. It was a great photographic place, especially as you walked up the mountain and got away from the crowds. I would have liked to make it to the top as my 2 friends and I were 3/4 of the way up, but then time ran out as often happens when you are on a group schedule.
I did notice I need to widen the black walkway a bit towards the front of the temple gates on  my page, but I will go back and do that today.
I haven't shown you any Japan photos recently so here's a few photos of the shrine.
 As I understand it, each gate is put up by a company. This is a shrine for business success. The animal theme here is the fox.

 You can see the difference between higher up the mountain and down by the bottom where the entrance is located.

 And there were all these cool chains of origami peace doves.
 If you verved off the main trail, there were all these small shrines. I really loved these-with their mossy rocks and candles and flowers.

 Here's the entrance. Look at the crowds.
 And here's some views when you get off the beaten path at the small shrines.

Ihave a whole lot more of photos from this shrine if you are interested just mention it in your comment and I will show you some more.
It's a rainy day here today. 100% chance of rain they so, which is good as the rain is needed but it is dark and dreary.  I guess that means I can have a little art time-as well as working on the daughter's bedroom closet some more. I finished emptying it yesterday and now I need to finish my sorting of what we store and what is donated and what is trash. So far there are 4 bags of trash and two bags for donation and a bunch of doll things for storage. But the good news is it is almost ready for me to move my clothes into which is great as my bedroom closet is tiny and the hubby is so excited to get more space for himself. :)
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froebelsternchen said...

Yes yes yes - more photos ot that place - it's magical! And I love your pages - the shrine page with the foxes - so clever made and the wrappers made into art is super cool as well!
Thank you for another fab entry for the >Inspired by< collection over at AJJ Erika!
Oh you get a very huge dressing room - even though I think you would be even more enthusiastic about an even more larger art studio ---am I right???
I guess you are for sure not the mannequin dress - up doll type -more the making art girl! But it is for sure comfortable and convenient to have an own dressing room. My hubby has his clothes in his boy / PC room and I have the whole big bedroom cabinets for my clothes. But I can tell you that even there are some art materials and the sewing machines
This all is more important than clothes to
Dark and dreary and full rain since yesterday and for the schoolyear-end party of daughter Julia not the best weather. It happens to be all in tents - so at least all stays dry.
Happy art -time - day dear Erika! Isn't it fantastic to be free and on summer break!???
Enjoy your sorting out and bringing in the clothes --- always a good chance to get rid of things we don't need but hoard.
Hugs to you and the dogs!
oxo Susi

Gibby Frogett said...

Great photos Erika that looked a fascinating day out. The shrine and statues are magnificent - yes I would love to see more photos please.. I loved the mossy stones especially oh and the origami peace doves.
Your journal pages are fabulous - great drawing of the shrine and the chocolate wrapper is nice and colourful - and sound very yummy if they are like Kit-Kats :)
I have been having a good chuckle for the last week or so every time you say I'm nearly finished with this journal - I keep thinking of Charlton Heston in the 'Agony and the ecstasy' as Michelangelo painting the Sistine chapel and Rex Harrison keeps asking when the ceiling will be finished and getting the answer 'when its done' :)
Once again - thank you dear Erika for another wonderful spread and linking to AJJ.
Gill xx

CJ Kennedy said...

Cool shrine. Lots of art to see. I like the fox standing guard. The candy wrapper is so fun and colorful. We had heavy rains and thunderstorms this morning. The sun just peeked out for a minute. More rain/thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Better now than the weekend.

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your journal pages. The litany wrappers here are not so colourful. Wonderful photos of the shrines, please show more. That's a trip you will never forget. Hugs, Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I also would love more photos from this shrine. What I have seen is fabulous. I can't believe how many people were there, and wouldn't have if you hadn't shown the crowd.

I fell in love with your journal pages. The idea of an entire store of Kit Kats intrigued me, and I was happy to see how you saved the candy wrapper. It was so colorful and just the perfect addition to your journal. I LOVE how you save all the flotsom and jetsom that others wouldn't consider saving from trips. You are SO like me in that respect. And, in my mind, they make the best pages, too.

I love how you depicted the shrine, right down to the foxes at the entrance of the shrine. It's a genuinely beautiful entry. I am also pleased you shared it at Art Journal Journey, too.

Sometimes it's hard to throw things away, but you seem to be taking it on with a vengeance. Well, with a purpose, at least. I'm sure it won't be much longer until both these projects are complete. I have faith, baby (grin)!

Divers and Sundry said...

What a fascinating place! The smaller shrines are so cool. Even so, I wouldn't have expected it to be so crowded. Yes, I'd love to see more photos of this shrine :) You got great shots!

craftytrog said...

Wonderful photos of that beautiful shrine Erika! Your spread is a fabulous representation!
Alison xxx

Astrid Maclean said...

Fabulous journal pages again, loved both sides, but the one on the right is absolutely wonderful, so cleverly put together!!

Your photos brought so many memories back for me, it is truly such a special place... with two little ones in tow, we also did not make it to the top, but once you get a little bit away from the crowds, it has such a special atmosphere. I never got all those foxes with their red bibs....

Jeanie said...

Yes, show us more! It's a wonderful shrine. I love the origami chains and the beautiful colors as well as the more secluded, off the path shrines. Your page with the painting reflects it beautifully. Your collection of saved stuff reminds me of the Paris journal I never made and the big box of that stuff I have sitting in my cabinet. Why are there never enough hours for me? I admire that you do all you do.

Good luck with that closet!

Corrine at said...

What an amazing trip this was. Enjoy your boating this weekend, don't get fried in the sun though. xox

butterfly said...

Amazing photos of your Japanese travels again - it's so great to get a glimpse of all the glories you saw. I love how you've captured those glowing pillars of the shrine on your page, and the little foxes are very cute! Sorry I've missed so much lately - there are some quieter times on the horizon soon, with luck.
Alison x

Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, what a magical place! Isn't it amazing with that spectacular entrance and wonderful stones and sculptures - I would love to see more 😁. Your pages are fantastic too, I love the foxes and the choccy wrapper. I hope you had a lovely week and wishing you a happy weekend! J 😊 x