Saturday, October 20, 2018

Halloween 2

Hi everyone.  My title today sounds like a horror movie title, but instead it is this Trick or Treating page that I recently made. 
The background is collage of various bits of tissue paper. Last year Hobby Lobby had packets of tissue paper (1 X 1 inch or 2.5x2.5 centimeter) squares you could buy for fall. (They might this year but I haven't looked them.)They worked out great here and you can see where I used them in the piece.  I also did a bit of stamping and then collaged over and around that also. I added some bits of paper tape to my background also.
Then I added the party style trim, the cut out paper crow, the TH found relatives, the TH stamped haunted house and some cut out pumpkins from a collage sheet. The crow needed to say something, and he announced that it was time for those kids to Trick or Treat.
Sorry for the the crooked trim at the top. This page is in a BIG book that is  one of my 2 Halloween journals. I like this particular journal because it is big enough to put 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages right into it. It doesn't, however, lay flat any more as I've been making some pages in it for several years. I really needed an extra hand to keep the top down when I went to photograph this, but having the kids in the middle be centered and straight I think is the most important.
And the milkweed were seeding today when I went for my walk.

I thought they looked pretty cool, and I image with the wind the seeds will be flying around soon enough. I hope most of them get to grow into new plants next year and help attract the Monarch butterflies.
That's all for me. Chores on the agenda for me today.It's that time to make the clothing change over and to pick up the lawn furniture on my screen porch.
Enjoy your weekend. And thanks for stopping by.


froebelsternchen said...

These little tissue squares made such a fun beackgorund and I love all the elements you choose for the page. I think it's a fabulous idea to have an own Halloween Journal.
A great entry for the Creative comforts collection at ARt Journal Joureny - thank you for yet another cool contribution!
I am in awe if the fabulous milkweed photos! They look pretty cool! Thanks for sharing !
Have a fun weekend and I wish you much power for all the work.
I am quite busy here as well today- backing Sacher Torte and Apple-strudel for my stepfather's Birthday Celbration tomorrow.

Big hugs, Susi

Jeannette said...

love this halloween page,wonderful backround,love the washitape and the child images,such a lovely spread.
the milkwood looks beautiful,i never see this before,thanks for this lovely photos you used with us all.
happy nice sunday,dear erika.

hugs jenny

Valerie-Jael said...

Gorgeous and colourful Halloween page and I LOVE those photos, so pretty. We went to the botanical garden at the university today, you would have enjoyed it too! Hugs, Valerie

CJ Kennedy said...

I love your Halloween 🎃 page 👻 Makes me think oh Halloween parties I went to as a kid. The milkweed seedsare pretty. Like angel wings

Barbara said...

Such pretty milkweed photos! Your page is special. TH images are always some of my favorites! Nice job!

Rike said...

This is a gorgeous background for all the stampings and collaged pictures, I especially like the cut out paper crow!
Your photos of the milkweed seeds are fantastic! I would use them as a copy for abstract paintings!
Wish you a happy weekend!

Linda Kunsman said...

Loving all the collaged tissue squares on your background for this wonderful Trick or Treat page! That calling crow is fab! And your milkweed photos are just superb-so beautiful. Thanks for being your frequent and marvelous contributions to AJJ!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

I certainly share your hope that the milkweed seeds spread far and wide. Monarchs need all the help we can provide. In our garden we have planted Common Milkweed, Swamp Milkweed and Butterfly Milkweed. Can you imagine the difference we could make for wildlife if everyone would naturalize their gardens?

Meggymay said...

Your found relatives look at home on the fabulous Halloween page. I love the background you created and the rich colours.
The photos of the milk weed look lovely, the downside must be if there is no wind to disperse the seed
Have a good day and I hope your plans go well. For me it would be any excuse to put off the chores for another time.
Yvonne xx

Divers and Sundry said...

That's a great Halloween page. I enjoy seeing the seasonal/holiday decorations. I wish I could get milkweed to grow here. Not enough sun, I think. I hope your seeds stay home :)

Astrid Maclean said...

The tissue background looks amazing and the whole page is just full of Halloween fun, - great elements all round!

Those milkweeds look incredible, - wow, never seen them before, but you can totally see why they would be called milk weeds...

chrissie said...

A fantastic background with great ideas for making it. Everything came to gether so well for this page.

The photographs are terrific with the fluffy seed heads.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Gibby Frogett said...

The TH people work brilliantly on your lovely Halloween collage. What crooked trim? - it looks fab as is.
I'm with Rike about your beautiful Milkweed photos - can imagine some cool abstract paintings - great photos!
Hope the seeds end up as new plants - wondering then is there a decline of the Monarch Butterflies or you're just wanting to attract more.
The 'Autumn watch' programme had someone from the Loon Preservation commitee talking about problems with the Loons on Squam lake and how the weird weather has been making them moult at the wrong time, meaning they often can't fly off to migrate south? ... very sad.
Hope you get your chores done quickly and still have time for some arty fun.
Gill x

Rosie said...

A wonderful Halloween page.

Thank you for joining us at TRY IT ON TUESDAY

pearshapedcrafting said...

WOW!!! Love this and love the milkweeds too! Thanks so much for joining us at Try it On Tuesday! Chrisx

craftytrog said...

Wow! Super photos Erika, and I love your page!
Have a great week,
Alison xxx

Let's Art Journal said...

Such a fabulous page! I love how you layered the pieces of tissue paper to create the background, and the colours and texture look wonderful with the black accents 😀. Isn't the milkweed amazing, I've never seen it before, it is so pretty! Thanks for sharing and also for joining us again at Try it on Tuesday, it's always a pleasure to see you there! J 😊 x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Although I’m still not well, I apologize for taking so long to visit, but I am just now making it out of bed.

You should definitely feel happy about your quirky Halloween inspired journal page with all that autumn color and fun images. That tissue paper was a great find, too. This entry was definitely worth me getting out of bed for. Thanks for sharing it with us at Art Journal Journey, dear Erika.

Rika said...

Cool hallpween Page,
with a great background!

Mrs.B said...

A fabulous page Erika, love the background you created with the tissue. Great images against the fall colours.
Lovely pictures of the milkweed seeding, dont think this grows in the uk.
Thanks for sharing at Try it on Tuesday Avril xx