Monday, June 28, 2021

T Stands for "Take Out"

 Hi everyone. I can't believe we are at the end of June already.  Summer is really here.  This coming weekend in the US we celebrate the Fourth of July or Independence Day. In my husband's family it is the biggest holiday of the year. 

My daughter's been home for a few days as she is on vacation from work this week. Today was very hot, but she and I visited the beach for a few hours this morning. It was a good thing we had a beach umbrella as if was comfortable sitting in the shade.

Then the tide was coming in which made the beach much smaller, so at lunch time we took off. Like so many places right now, it was very hot.

This week for T day over at  Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog  I thought I would share a summer evening  photo. 

When my daughter was home  a couple of weekends ago, we lit an outdoor fire and cooked dinner  over the fire pit out in the back yard.  Nothing fancy, either a burger or a hot dog, take your pick. If you eat vegetarian, I apologize there is nothing for you. Although we did have strawberries for dessert.

The best thing about this photo (other than recording the time together) is how green and plush my grass looks.  It really is awful with bare spots if you walk across it, like you can see in the forefront of the photo.

The drink for this week's T is my daughter's water bottle you can see next to her chair. You can also see Pete laying next to my husband and waiting for his hotdog. Maddie was waiting for hers too, but she must have been over next to me and therefore not in the photo. Yes the dogs get hotdogs when we do a firepit, not in bread or fixed up, but just a plain grilled one. OK, they are a little bit spoiled. Smile.

That's all for me this week. Have a wonderful T day and week ahead. And for those of you in the US who only stop by for T, have a great July 4th also.


kathyinozarks said...

Hi Erika, we has a very hot couple of weeks too and hit close to 100 f but this week a bit of cool down and rain -we really need some rain.
love your fire pit setting-perfect for family gatherings and grilled foods. Happy E wishes Kathy

Valerie-Jael said...

Glad you were able to spend some time at the beach, even if it was hot. Love the pic taken at your fire-pit, I'll take a burger, please! Have a happy T day, hugs, Valerie

Let's Art Journal said...

Wonderful photos, it must be fun spending time with your daughter! The beach looks beautiful and what could be better than spending time relaxing by the fire pit, I'll have a hot dog please 😀. Enjoy celebrating this weekend and Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

CJ Kennedy said...

The beach is the place to be this week. Your backyard firepit looks very inviting. I'll have a burger, please. Stay cool in the heat. At least the humidity doesn't need to be shoveled. 😺 Happy T Day

Iris Flavia said...

Oh, lucky you, summer took another break here...
Awwww... you live in a great place, wonderful!!!! Beautiful!
Have a great T-day and real summer!

one irrational bean said...

Love your beach photos, your previous butterfly page is so pretty, bees amazing, and lots of new things to see at Tower Hill, must get back when it cools off. Don’t forget the sunscreen, stay cool.

Jeanie said...

That first photo is so beautifully composed! I love the color! And I love the second for all sorts of different reasons -- it's family time. Love time. Summer time.

Lisca said...

How lovely you have been able to go to the beach. A bit of mother/daughter time.
I just converted 103F to Celcius, and that is pretty hot. I think it's about 100F here at the mo.
What a great firepit you have, and may I assume that is your house there in the background?
Looks like you are all having a relaxing time.
Happy T-Day,

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

We broke a couple of records last week when we hit 108 and 102 the next day. Summer is really here and I am SO thankful for AC. I would die if I didn't have it.

So glad you two gals got to the beach. I know you had a bit of fun, too until the tide came in, at least.

Your back yard looks great except where everyone walks. I bet the rain helps that. Your dogs are truly spoiled, but at least they are willing to wait and not grab the dogs on the grill. That was a great shot, but of course, I saw your daughter was on her phone reading the latest news, etc. Yes, I saw the bottle and loved seeing your back yard, too. Thanks for sharing these photos with us for T this Tuesday, dear Erika.

Divers and Sundry said...

It's hotter there than here in Memphis. A beach looks like the perfect place. Your gathering spot around the firepit looks cooler, though ;) I'll take a hamburger, please :) and strawberries make the best summertime dessert.

Happy T Tuesday!

Linda Kunsman said...

How nice to have your daughter around, enjoy some beach time, and nothing like a fire pit and grilled food! Your grass does look lush, but I fear those of us in this tremendous heat wave will not have it for long (same temps and heat here). Stay cool and happy T day!

craftytrog said...

Goodness, that's very hot Erika! I hope you're managing to keep cool somehow.
Great photos, your BBQ sounds good.
Alison xx

DVArtist said...

It is so nice to have more than one day of hot weather. It sure looks nice there. Have a nice evening.

Kate Yetter said...

So fun that you live near the beach and that you can visit spontaneously. It sure has been hot here as well this week. We are making use of our pool. The camp fire looks very inviting.
Happy Tea Day,

Sharon Madson said...

What a wonderful scene of all of you around the firepit. Happy T Day!

nwilliams6 said...

Fun to get to go to the beach and I love your fire pit picture! Burgers and hot dogs are great on a fire pit! Fun family tine. Happy T-day and many hugz!

pearshapedcrafting said...

We have heard about the high temps you are getting! Take care! Your fire pit looks good and sounds like a great way to spend time together! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx