Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Wrap Up Part 1

Labor Day Weekend is a good time to look back as well as look forward. Hope everyone's weekend is enjoyable so far. And since this is the wrap up of the summer season,  it seems a good time for a summer photo wrap up and review.
At least part 1.
Beautiful sunshine-and this year we had a real beautiful summer!
An occasional storm so you appreciate all the sunshine!
Haunted lighthouses-I still haven't seen the ghost they supposedly heard on Ghost Hunters here at the Portsmouth Lighthouse/Fort Constitution.
Days on or near the water for me!
An absolutely beautiful vacation adventure
Reading good books while working at the lake checking boats for weeds!
More vacation show stopping scenery!
Beautiful roses in my garden.
And a garden I wish I had. Especially this year with not a lot of rain.
Clasic views-from our road trip to St. Gaudens in western New Hampshire.

Interesting furry little creatures come out
Yummy yummy summer dishes to eat
Fun days swimming and laughing
Beautiful Maine views at the Point of Land
Kayaking views
And a river in Montana-don't want to go these falls. They were crazy!
So enjoy what's left to your weekend!

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