Friday, September 21, 2012

10 Things Friday

OK, still thinking about traveling.
I need to plan a trip.
I usually go away in February on school break, because being home if it is cold or snowy is just not how I want to spent my vacation...I just don't want to be so cooped in.
By this point I need a place I can go outside, walk around without snow on the ground. I don't need hot, I just need spring!
But then I think, maybe if I waited until April break, I have a few more pickings of places to go.
I don't want to travel in February to some place with as much or more snow than we can have here in New Hampshire.
But being home in April isn't such a bad thing as I can get some outside work done if it isn't raining.
So my list this week is 10 places I am thinking about going, either vacation.
Part 1
Either date, I only have a week. I don't want to spend too much time traveling to get to the place.
Seeing I live in the Northeast USA, the means Western Europe or West Coast USA.
Not enough  time for a big trip like Hawaii, and I am not a palm tree lay on the beach kind of gal.
I've done that before, and now I just want to see the world.

I think this is someplace I could visit in February. And then visit Palm Springs too. 

Lisbon City Guide - Lisbon, Portugal
I've wanted to go to Portugal for awhile now. They say it is one of the warmest places in Europe, so maybe in the non-tourist season of February.

Madrid Spain Map
And I've been curious about Madrid for awhile now too. I have been to Spain once, to the Catalan city of Barcelona-and from there we rented a car and drove up the coast into Southern France, but I am wondering about the rest of Spain, maybe not even Madrid.

And this got me seriously thinking about going back to Southern France because I must truly say I loved it there. And I was there in February so I know it shouldn't be too wintery.
Serious consideration here.

I could do this trip in February without Dave and go visit my friend Vicky who winter's here. And I have never been to New Mexico and could add that to my list. I think doing Santa Fe, Taos and Albuquerque would work out good in a week.

This I think would be a better April than February trip, out to Asheville, NC and the Biltmore Estate.
Maybe even go out to the Smokey Mountains.

Here's another April idea. Portland, Oregon or Seattle, WA.

Map Of Charleston
Here's another place I would like to see. Charleston. Don't know whether it would be too cold in February or not.

Approaching Monument valley
Monument Valley and some of the other sights in the 4 Corners Region.
Maybe more April? Maybe chances of snow in February.

Map of Scotland
So another place on my very very long list of places I want to go is Scotland. Definitely April, I would think.

So if any of you readers can give me some feedback, I would love it.
I will be back with 10 more places I am considering another day,
but if you have any suggestions for that... 
I would love that too!
 for your help.
And Thanks
for visiting.

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