Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another butterfly

Here's another butterfly card. Or part of a butterfly. I used the same die cut (Sizzix) as yesterday but I cut the butterfly twice, once from the orange scraps of yesterdays card and once from the scraps from the cards I showed you on Monday. Then, because of some discrepancies in the paper sizes, trimmed down the butterflies to only really be the top wings. I added some tape, a sentiment from MSE stamps and then I stamped the rose from the same MSE set in green on white paper. I wanted the rose to POP, so I used some Viva paint pen on the petals. I wish I had some brighter pink paint pen colors, but since I didn't I had to go back to the pale pink that I had.
I also used some clear Viva paint pen to add these little dew drops.
What is cool to me is how you can used the same die to make 2 (and many more)  different views. Yesterday I used the whole butterfly and really layered the one cut out with ink, stamps, paint and glitter layers. This time I want for a more basic look.
Not sure whether I like one better than the other, since they are so different.
I am off to school-parent's night is tonight so I have a long day ahead.
So glad tomorrow is FRIDAY!
This week is going by but I am feel swallowed up by work and I hate that!
Have a great Thursday.

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