Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm a Naughty Girl

I shouldn't tell you how naughty I am being.
I should just write a regular post with the same old babble.
I should show you the same old art I post.
In fact, I think I will.
How about a little more stenciled deli-wrap paper like I showed you back on Sunday.
Haven't shown you any of that for a few days.
Love how using the same base stencil with different paints or adding another stencil on top gives you a completely different finished product.
Or using a light colored base and added darker stencils over it gives you a completely different page.
But all this would be avoiding why I am so naught today.
I am going to whisper because I don't want everyone to know.
I am taking the day off from work-playing hooky- to go an Introduction to Art Journaling workshop with Dina Wakely.
Can't wait to see what I learn.
Will show you later.
Thanks for keeping my secret.
Have a great day.

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