Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Autumn!!!

It is the FIRST day of Autumn!!!! 
Happy Fall!  
Pumpkins colored leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, apple picking, corn mazes, hauntings, cool nights, apple cider, candy corn...all kinds of fun things.
But I admit, even though we've had it cool lately and I've been thinking more fall, I am a little sad summer is over.
So today is summer photo wrap-part 2!
Above, northern mountains not covered in snow. (These are in Jasper, Alberta)
Sign we passed in the British Columbian Rockies on the same trip.
How about this pretty river view in Glacier National Park in Montana.
And closer to home here in New Hampshire, how about this hay wagon in the western part of the state.
Flag on the mast on one of the 2 tall ships that came into Portsmouth, NH this past summer.
Pretty close to shore views from a boating trip.
Beautiful blooms on the garden.
Fishing and catching "big" fish-
I wish!
Summer outdoor activities.
Green fields! 
Sitting out under the lights and
El fresco dining...
Oh summer.
It is such a great time of year,
Now the summer of 2012 is officially in the books.
History-but it was a great one for me-
and it felt like summer too.
(Some years it just rains a lot or it is sooo humid).

I am ready for fall though.
How about you?

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