Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Its like I'm 10 again

I didn't get asked to join a team at work-well I got asked but not by the organizer who asked everybody- like everybody but me- and this person is my friend- and I feel very hurt. (Sorry if you think I should just chime in and join- I don't). Its like I'm 10 or in middle school and didn't get asked to a party or to dance at a dance or really, like back in gym when I was last person asked to join a team because I am so bad or team sports-that always HURT big time as a kid...some days I don't believe I belong at my job any more and when this kind of thing happens- I really feel that way. Never mind I withdraw- a left over from being knit-picked at so much growing up. I need to not let things bug me so much...but I am so sensitive.
Tomorrow I got to Seabrook Nuclear Power plant for a visit with Leadership teacher- that should be interesting. Have never been there either. I guess we are really going in- and need to pass through security and background checks...also we need to do a metal detector and our leader tells us we better not wear underwire bras (those with wire not plastic). That gave me a good laugh when I needed it most. (and the good thing- Seabrook is maybe 15 minutes from AE, my favorite craft store-guess where I am going tomorrow at 3 when Leadership Teacher gets over?)

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