Saturday, November 10, 2007

What I'm reading...(plus)

These obviously aren't books I'm reading, but they are the plus- some closeup photos from my latest photo project.

Reading too many books right now:
1-The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde-I think. This was book club book this month- started it-read about 100 pages. Not a bad book but not what I'm into reading. We met Thursday at bookclub and the few who read it said the book picks up right about where I am now-but should I finish?
2- My Life in France by Julia Child. Picked this up at Costco last weekend and started it Wed. when I had it with the Eyre Affair. LOVE this book
3- My biology reading- a great read- Survival of the Sickest.
4- 1000 things to do in London by Time Out. Not that we'll do even 5 of them- but its fun to read what NON-touristy things might be fun to do when we're there in Feb.
5- Also my art reading-Living the Creative Life by Rice Freeman-Zachary. This is what I read when I need to remind myself that just because I work another day job (call it a career even though after 23 years-this is year 24- it might be time to start thinking of a change)-I am an artist. Just because people of work (and even at home sometimes) don't see me as more than the card-maker and scrapbooker- and I am those, I do more. They just don't know because I wear such a different hat at school. And that I must say is very difficult at times for me emotionally. I feel like it gets in the way of doing art- and I would love an art career at this time in my life...but I only have so many hours in a maybe in time I can make that switch. Just don't give up give up that some day I can make it happen.
6- Bought another bio book I want to read- well its a history book of bio- The Guniea Pig's History of Biology. Looks good.
7- And next month's book club book-Water for Elephants? The book title is something like that. Heard it was good- both my friend Dee and my mother-in-law read it and liked it.
8- Want to reread Jane Erye though and some Jane Austin- its been years.
Oh yes, and above, a few more photos from my close-up photo project.

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