Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cool Stamps I've Discovered

I might have been out of the loop (because I often am) but when looking through the latest Take Ten Magazine by Somerset Studios I noticed this awesome card with this cool tree and house stamp. So I found out it was a stamp by Artistic Outpost - Wow, they have some cool half sheet plates. I've shown you 3 of them- I had to have the dog with his head out the window- those who know me know my favorite word is Adventure- and the Knight for my London pages and lastly, the same set as the house and tree as shown in Take Ten. They also have some Asian themes, a couple of Christmas and children, and a brand new one for July 4th. Wow. I am happy. More stamps to buy! Lately, been buying a bit of stamps (too much of a bit actually), but these should be FUN!

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