Sunday, June 8, 2008

the sun has returned

With the sun has come summer weather! 90-hot-humid-I went for my first swim yesterday in Rust Pond after the big sale at Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH. I dug through the boxes of fabric scraps and filled 7 bags for $4.99 a bag and now have a huge pile of scraps. Bought some pre-cut pieces (packs are $5 rather than the usual $15), 6 skeins of wool yarn from their Patternworks yarn store for like $4 a skein, some books (5 total-2 knitting-2 quilting/stitch and 1 embroidery for the designs), and they were closing out their scrap inventory so I got a few things for 75% off. What a day! Its so much fun to go! Chatting with all the other people- watching the die-hards at the bolt of fabric auction and bringing their lawn chairs to dig through their scraps...I spent $202.22 but got so much stuff-lots of my scraps were 1/3 yard pieces (all my scraps were about $35) and some of my books were like $5. Can't go wrong. Also got 2 sets of Gel-a-tins stamps- one was a letter set- for 75% off. As Dave joked- it should be a national holiday!
Then went over to the lake- took my first swim in the COLD refreshing lake-Dave and Katie put the boat in and we went for a cruise...a great day!
Some photos are from the sale and some of my flowers yesterday morning with the dew from the FRiday night rain.

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