Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday evening, its raining

Just woke up from a nap. About 3 a major thunderstorm came through, and its still raining now at 5:15. So much for the beautiful day it started as. Anyhow, watched PS I Love You with Katie and her friend Nick- that was one SAD movie! Then took a great nap...even though I slept in until 9 this morning.
Did some scrapping and made some cards- working on a Casablanca theme. Want to send some out to Stampers Sampler since I have yet to send out my June stuff- and this is in keeping with my resolution this year- to send out 1 thing per month or do something different. Also have started the make a pile of similar cards- made 5 of my last card-saving some for the to sell pile. Really trying to get my art off the ground, since Mom said this morning this is just a hobby- No, I corrected her. Not a hobby, my second profession. I would miss parts of teaching but I could leave it. Tomorrow thinking of going down to Mom's- its suppose to be rainy and Katie's going to be home, so might as well down and get the visit over- isn't that sad? Well, I have never been the wanted child in my mother's world- though she does love me- she doesn't understand me at all, she and I are SOOOOOOOOO different! I'm too sensitive when it comes to her- but she is my mom- and I love her- and though visits are hard as first of all it gets boring and second of all I always am waiting for the big lead ball to crash down on me- the verbal crunch.
Yesterday went to a graduation party for Dave's cousin's twins- it was down in Mass. My mother-in-law rode with Dave and myself (Katie was working), and it was a nice party-lots of food, lots of sun- I am red in the neck and shoulders right now still. Stopped at Costco on the way home and got a big pack of 360 sheets of scrap paper for under $10. Wow. And its really nice!
Yes, I have to take photos of my work, don't I? Don't need to remind me...haven't taken any photos for a few weeks-wow-unusual for me. The ones I'm showing you of eggs- if last night dinner- I got some of that 5 layer dip at Trader Joes (a stop after Costco) and I love it mixed in with scrambled eggs. YUMMY!

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