Thursday, December 4, 2008


Am beat tonight. Thanks to Mr. Harley dog out barking at something he'd treed at 1:30 a.m., and he was sooooooooooooooo loud I was afraid a neighbor would call te police to come take him away in the doggie paddy wagon, so I got up and hollered for him, and I knew he heard me because his barking would stop for a second...he did come back...but then I was awake...and I slept a bit late...not too bad for work still got there on time...but it was non-stop kind of day...and I got home and was finishing up my 2008 7gypsies ATC holder that is my documentation for this years events, thoughts, and all that jazz...well working more on it since there's still 27 days left in 2008. Only 27-wow!

Above is a few more photos of my holiday book that I started to show you yesterday.

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