Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Today we had a light snow

This photo is actually a week or so ago, but again today we had another light snow here. The ground is white, but not very deep, kind of like in this photo. I like how the flakes look in this photo. And at least its back in the 30's and NOT bitterly cold like yesterday.
I can't get out of my own way tonight. I'm tired with a terrible headache. I feel fat and all I see is a massive double chin when I look at myself. I stayed late with kids after school, came home and have either napped or feel like I've wasted my night-which although not over-is for me as my head kills and I'm tired. I really wanted to go play in the studio since last night I didn't-but better, I did some successful holiday shopping after school. Should have gone today and did some errands at Target, but instead tonight has been pretty much a waste. I need to perk up and nt feel so pity-pity-me but maybe I'm entitled to one night of me being whiney.
maybe my soup will be heated up in a bit too so I can eat.
And with the way the economy is, I should be thankful I have a warm house and a meal and a great family and 2 lovable cats and a dog...I am lucky I guess but tonight I am not feeling much more than cranky.

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