Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rain, rain and then tomorrow...

Maybe ice or snow. This morning when I got up at 5, it was 53 degrees. 53-and only 5 degrees this past Monday. Bitter cold, balmy, its all a part of this great New England weather. And this say tomorrow-ice, snow, maybe a big mess tomorrow night and Friday morning.
This photo was taken when we went to cut our Christmas tree, and I love it.
Another note, lots of new stamps coming out. TEMPTATIONS. Artistic Outpost has 3 new plates...a cool retro Valentine plate, a circus plate (love the circus peanut elephant on it) and a fortune teller plate. FUN. If you head on over to Technique Tuesday, they have a new Ali Edwards Valentine's plate. I love it. And this weekend-the new Hero Arts...wonder if they'll be cool? I'm curious and can't wait to see what they have. Of course I can't afford to buy them all...wouldn't it be fun it a stamp addict could just buy, buy ,buy....but then what would you do with them all and where would you put them all. Oh so many stamps, so little time AND money.

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