Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in the DEEP freeze

We're back into the single digit temperatures and windy- feels like we like along the arctic circle not NH. Brr. Got a fire going in the woodstove-perfect weather for it because this house can never get that hot in these cold temps. Had a nice trip to Mom's yesterday, visited and took her out for lunch. On the way home Katie wanted to go boot shopping at DSW so we stopped and even I got 2 pairs of shoes for less than the price of 1. Hit Trader Joe's and yesterday morning I went to Ink About It since its right on the way and I never get there-and got a couple of Stampotique Holiday stamps marked way down-they're by Janet Klein

and I think they're fun. Also was bad and got a few B Line stamps from her newest catalogue- this is the only store I know of near me (if you call 1 hr and 30 minutes away near me) that regulary carries a good assortment of her fantastic stamps. I love B Line- like Postmodern only those you are just lucky if you can win them on eBay. Anyhow, was a great day out and today we're starting the bathroom- I need to go pickle the wood for the ceiling with a nice transparent white glaze. Will post photos as we get working.
Can you believe this is December 30th? The year is almost over. Wow. Was reading Ali Edwards blog the other day and she was talking about her word of the year. Mine needs to be constrained or frugal or something about saving more money for college tuition which hits us during 2010. Still thinking about that.
The 4 cards above are winter cards I made from a set of My Sentiment Exactly stamps- gave them to the 4 nieces on Dave's side of the family with some holiday cash. We saw them Sunday and since Christmas was over and since I still wanted something festive but not exactly Christmas, made those on Saturday. Actually quite happy with them. The snow flakes on the backgrounds are sparkley which the photos don't really show, and the igloo one looks a bit busy in the photo- better in person- but like the black and red colors. Thought they worked for the occasion.
Anyhow-enough for now-stay warm.

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