Monday, December 28, 2009

Gifts I Made

I made earrings for my girlfriends at work ( see an earlier post where I mentioned them) and here's photos-though not the best. The silver part is PMC clay, and after making these and being pleased with the results- I think I really need a kiln so I can whip up some more pieces to use. It was great to give homemade gifts that most of my friends didn't think I even made, except for the ones who pay close attention (Thanks Jo)!  When I finished them and made the holders I was telling Katie I felt so much like Martha Stewart- which of course came back to me as a major eye roll. But I'm very happy with them as I said, and its a fun endeavor when I stray into my silver and jewelry side. Probably the most profitable side if I want to make some cash to support my art habit.
So its cloudy today but a home down day- Katie and her boyfriend Brian have gone to Boston- convinced them to take the train in rather than drive and spend big bucks for parking (never mind the traffic) and Dave, once he wakes up is going to get the wood for our bathroom ceiling- as we plan on doing some sprucing up in there this week. I am SOOOO excited about that! We got a new vanity and mirror and we're going to get a new toilet and I need to strip the rest of the wall paper but it needs it so much since what's there is  30 years old and not cool retro 30 years old either.
Tomorrow we're off to see my mom for the day and they're saying a big snow for New Years, after all the rain we had yesterday is so nice to see the snow go down I'm not sure I want to add any more.
Stay warm and dry, enjoy the last few days of 2009. Wow- can you believe that?

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