Sunday, February 6, 2011

All Kinds of Things

Welcome to Sunday. Yesterday, while lifting the vaccuum to carry it upstairs I wrenched my back. I am in SUCH PAIN! Talk about stopping me just about dead in my tracks...never had pain in my back like this before. I can't bend down...or get up and down off chairs etc.  Yeeks.
And also Dave's computer got a virus and he's obsessing about it...rightfully so but its driving me nuts because he's cranky and expects me to help him fix it...just wonderful. (Now's he's using my iPad..eeks).
Anyhow, now that the neurotic dog is outside being neurotic, but at least he's not inside and not bugging me...I need to relax and take a breath here..
So lots of other events have happened here. Last night was the second night of Maine/UNH hockey. I went to the University of Maine and I LOVE Maine hockey. Dave and I had tickets to sit in the Maine section, and it was the best hockey game ever-though we lost in the last 15 seconds when UNH scored to change the score to UNH4/Maine3. It was crushing...but a fantastic game! We also lost Friday night, we watched the game on NESN. Last night I saw tons of people I know too...and we met up before the game with Dave's sister, husband and their UNH daughter along with my UNH daughter and her boyfriend for dinner for pizza, which was fun. The drive home however...wasn't so fun since there was TONS of ice on the road and our road hadn't been touched and Dave slid right past the driveway and I only made it (we picked up Katie's car from the bus lot from where it was sitting since the the snowstorm the other day) because I braked the entire hill and just slid in-luckily. 
So here's my latest read...very interesting. Its more scientific too, which is makes it good in my point. Learning a lot, and I've had dogs most of my life.
Also, here's some photos from my yard lately...
Wild Turkey Mania!
These guys thinking they can hide behind the snow on a cleared off path...think its pretty funny.
Its turning into a regular wildlife park just a few feet from my back door lately. Love it though.
Happy back tomorrow with some new art!

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