Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Chores

I know Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest...but I'm getting my checklist down a few notches. Just finished doing our FAFSTA form for college aid- which is a joke because  basically we do it to get Katie her federal loan. At least it doesn't take very long to do. Since that needs to be done by 2/28 and Dave and I are gone as of next Saturday....YAHOO....YAHOO I needed to do that form today. I'm also washing my quilt and some blankets on my bed just because when you get spring fever...its nice to freshen up the house. You reach that point when everything's been closed up for weeks/months at this point-time for some freshing up. Now that its cold again. Sunny but cold...and they're saying a bit of snow tomorrow...and we do have school even though its a holiday...I'm hoping maybe a delay would be nice...but NOT a snowday since we've had 4 and we're off in a week.  And, keep your fingers crossed we get no snow early next weekend since we have a hockey game Friday night and we're flying early Saturday.
Its the trip countdown!!!!
Speaking of hockey-UMO beat UMass Lowell 3-0 last night-it was fun and we sat right behind the UMass Lowell bench...was a nice evening out- even though we didn't get home until a quarter to twelve...tried out a brew pub and before hand Dave and I hit Costco and Trader Joe's for just a few things we needed. Was nice to get out do something different...especially during this spring fever mode.
So here's another of the cards I made with the sheet of Peanuts stickers I found the other day. For this card I stamped white cardstock with red using Impression Obsession's cover a card stamp (Scratches). Then I took some paper I texturized with dors and ran the red ink over it and cut the edges with deckles scissors. I put on the sticker, added some 7Gypsies paper tape, stamped a 7Gypsies Avignon little blip and a postmark over that, added an older round sticker (for an ancient sheet of stickers) and then put on some red Adirondack Dimensional Pearls. Its a fun little card and was pretty easy to make.
So I'm off like that Prom dress to do another little chore and then go into my studio to play for awhile...we have the Daytona 500 today (another sign of the oncoming spring...along with pitchers and catchers and spring training for baseball starting down in Florida)...a new Amazing Race on tv night and I have a bunch of papers to grade later on. So aptly title my post and I'm off to do some more of those Sunday Chores.
Ta-ta for Now!

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