Friday, November 16, 2012

10 Things Friday

Since, Thanksgiving is next week  I am going to celebrate and do a 10 things I am Thankful for on this 10 things Friday.

1-For the good loving people in my life- my hubby Dave, my daughter Katie, my mom, my brother, my friends and co-workers....
2-For having a great home and a yard and the fantastic quality of life I have. I have support and a calm environment to live in. I am lucky to have a home in place I want to live, and I love the state and town and area I live in.
3- I love the fact that I can be the strong willed free thinking pretty self sufficient woman  
4- For living into my 50's so far and for the widsom and peace you find when you get there. You know who you are and I have found a sense of peace in that. I have also found a sense of confidence knowing who I am too, and how at this age you lose the sense of having to keep up with people or have to be someone you are not.
5-For my puppy Harley and my 2 kitties -Emma and Leo. They are loving and sweet and smart and mostly, those 2 boys make me LAUGH-like my hubby too.
6-For finding my art talent and having this great studio in which to create and my little successes-with art I discovered who I was and it gave me confidence and cured my pains. That I am  lucky enough to my have my own studio area...though small and crowded it is MY space and my family supports me doing my art and having my space...
7-For being a happy person...not a perfect person and not having a perfect life...but I am happy with life and with being me. It must be hard for people who aren't happy and who can't see how good life is or who have such bad things in their lives they have major mountains to over come.
8-For having the opportunities to travel and see some places I have spent most of my life just dreaming about.
9-That I am healthy and that so far I haven't had any major illness or issues to put the breaks on my life.
10-For being a curious wanting to learn to and to experience new things kind of person. For feeling young and I think looking pretty good for 52. For having a sure why not kind of attitude and for being stubborn so when someone tells me I can't do something I figure it out and go for it. For being someone who can laugh at themselves and who doesn't take life too seriously. For someone who has had some luck in life and who hasn't been stupidly blinded by too much alcohol and drugs or other things that can get in the way of life.

I know that winter does end and spring does come. I know that things do change, that they can get worse, so love the good when you have it. Be thankful for it. I realize that this doesn't last forever, and however sad that is you got to love the moment you are in. I know that though work can drive me crazy right now, it might get better or worse but I have a job and it is not all that bad. Most of it all is mental, it is how you face it all and take it all.
 I am very blessed, I am very lucky and I have so much in my life that naming 10 things just can't do it.

I really like the cool tree shadows in this photo. I was actually part of a bigger photo that I took of my daughter, but I cropped these out because they are a great photo on their own.
This weekend I am going to watch the yard if I am home and if we have sun and see if I can get a few more shots of these shadows.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

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