Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tide Pooling

When we were in Maine last weekend at Acadia National Park, we went tide pooling.
Here's a glimpse into a tide pool in the rocks.
I love climbing around on the rocks and looking for sea life. As a kid I used to do this when I would go visit my aunt who had a camp right on the ocean in Downeast Maine. It is a nice memory.
Here's the guys out on the rocky beach at Sea Wall in Acadia.
This is where you can go tide pooling.
And here's what I found.
orange rope
algae on a shell
inside an urchin
underside of a shell
and the top
and I love the colors and texture on this crab shell
The tide pooling was fun, the sun was pretty warm and the wind wasn't too bad.
Plus look at this pretty ocean view we got to enjoy.
I hope everyone has a safe place to stay out of the storm today- if you are in storm's way.
And if you have sunshine or warm breezes, enjoy them.
Hope you stop back soon.

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