Saturday, November 17, 2012

How about a Christmas Card?

Here's a fun card I made last weekend. It didn't start out like this; it started off as a full front designed card with snow on the ground and a snowman and  full sized trees and all these snowflakes falling down.
Busy, busy, busy.
So I used a die cut and cut out this bird and tops of these trees, because I really liked this part of the card. It always amazes me how you can dislike a card and then cut an inchie square from some spot on the card and really like the results. It is a great way to dump all the clutter you can otherwise end up with.Then I die cut a bit bigger square out of some glittery lighter blue paper and did a small amount of layering. 
I did add a bit of green Viva paint pen to the evergreen tree here, and I mixed that paint with some white sparklely Stickles-I added the same Stickles to the bare tree too-since it is snowing they needed some fresh snow on them.
The bird, trees and snowflakes are all from an old set I have from Cornish Heritage Farm and Kim Hughes. She has just re-released this set in her Kimset Collection at Paper Smooches called Winter Groves.  This birdie is also in the set but I cut off the little feather cowlick sticking off the birdie's head.
Finally I used some silver sparkley paper and die cut the joy word-using a Sizzix die. I just love this joy word. I love the retro feel and the shape of the letters. I used it a lot last year on holiday cards and I have a feeling this year it will get a lot of use too.
So yesterday I was on my way with my friend Vicky to the Peabody Essex Museum to go see a traveling hat exhibit. On our way we passed the North Shore Mall in Peabody, MA, and guess what? We ended up stopping at the mall and shopping and NEVER made it to the museum!!!! It was such a blast! Although I did spend a bit too much cash on myself at Chico's. Was ok though-and a lot of fun. We also went to the container store and I got a few little holiday gifts for my family. And being out with my friend we laughed and chatted and talked and chatted and laughed some more.
It was a great way to start off my weekend.
So I am still hoping to go see the James Bond movie tonight-
there's also that new Abraham Lincoln movie I want to see too.
Katie wants me to go with her to see the final Twilight movie Wednesday when she is done with classes. I want to see what they do as their twist from the book. Are you a Twilight fan? I really didn't care for the books, but the movies are ok. But if I can go with my daughter, that is what I like.
So have you seen any movies lately? Gone on any fun shopping trips? 

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