Friday, January 31, 2014

Travel Journal Cover

I stayed home the other day to nurse my eye. Part of nursing is also nourishing your soul- and how you'll heal faster if your soul is happy. So I spent a little time working on the cover of a travel journal I am putting together.
Made me very happy.
I like to try different things when I make a journal, see what I like.  My last few travel journals I used a small ringed binder I picked up at Staples that I was happy with, but this time I wanted to try a slightly different shape. So I picked up a Maya Road chipboard book that's still a ringed binder. Love rings so I can  rearrange pages as the day calls for.
This isn't quite the journal I used, but this is another Maya Road journal. Mine is more square and my inner pages don't have the tabs.
 Happy the way my cover came out. Not sure my embossing on the spine is my all time favorite, but still like how it worked out. I covered the chipboard spine with some aluminum tape, embossed with an embossing tool and then used brown, mahogany and black paint over the tape.
The lovely lady on the cover is from the Abraham Lincoln stamp set by Oxford Impressions.
I think she is suppose to be Mary Todd Lincoln but to me she looked kind of like a Spanish lady who might be an historic local in New Mexico where I am heading off too.
In 3 weeks!
I also used a Tim Holtz frame and a small religious medal I had in the stash. I added a little paint to the medal to make it look antiqued. The oval I cut was a lot smaller than the frame opening so I slid in some copper patined paper I had from eyars ago, did a bit of stenciling on it too. I know it doesn't look like an old photo but I love the image it portrays.
On the cover I used some paper scraps and lots of stenciling with paints. I'm happy with the texture it has.
I should just say I am happy overall with the cover. A lot less writing that way.
So the eye is getting there- a little less swelling every day and a little less purple every day. Man, the different shades of purple it has been is amazing- plum, pinkish, Crayola marker purple...
here's my original post in case you are curious.
Thanks for visiting.
Hope to see you again soon.


SandeeNC said...

Well, I hope your eye feels better, love the analogy of Crayola marker colors to the different shades of your eye, lol Spoken like an artist! Love your travel journal! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

Unknown said...

Oh wow....I hope that you are feeling better soon. I truly love your blog and will definitely visit often!! Your work is truly amazing!