Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Want to Be Traveling

I've taken a couple little road trips this year, but with my husband's kidney issues I feel like life has been put on hold right now. I really want to travel, and hopefully when the weather eventually gets better I'll get somewhere.  Its killing me not to be able to plan a summer journey. I am itching and ready to pack my bags and head out someplace far away on this planet.
There are just so many great places to explore and visit on this planet.
So today, some armchair travel dreaming.
My top 25 travel INTERNATIONAL list. 

(Oh yes, the titles are links to the web pages I snagged the photos from.)

3-Greenland and Iceland
Photo is of Greenland.

4-The Azores

5-Madrid and Spain


7-Greece and the Greek Islands


9-Krakow and the rest of Poland



12-A Biology Tour of England
Eagle Pub
Also I really want to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London
And I can't forget Cornwall, Bath, York...etc.

13-Brittany and Normandy area of France
Well anywhere in France

(Yes, that is a weird site to gather a photo from!)


16-Vancouver, BC

17-New Zealand

18-Montreal, Canada

19-Croatia and the Balkans

20-South Africa

21-Estonia and the Baltic States


23-Chili and Argentina

24-Belgium and the Netherlands

25-Some Ancient Sites
Mayan temples, Machu Pichu, Ankor Wat, Stone Hedge...not sticking to one place.
Of course, I not against going just about any place, and there are a lot of places I'd love to go to that didn't get put on this list.
I mean, these are my top choices, but how you put everything into one short list?
I am always discovering new places to go to, so this list seems to change as life goes on.
But this  list was a lot of fun to compose.

Now I'm excited to do a USA version.

Hope you enjoyed the views as much as I did and
Thanks for stopping by.

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Valerie-Jael said...

You have chosen some beautiful places, and hope you are able to visit them one day. I can't travel these days because my small pension makes even a bus trip into town a luxury, but I also love to see photos of places and dream. Hugs, Valerie