Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Baking Challenge Continues

Last week was my birthday and I made my own cake.
Actually, it didn't require any baking, as I made my first icebox cake.
I really wanted to try the classic chocolate zebra cake, but the hubby can't eat chocolate with his kidney issue, so I made myself a lemon ice box cake instead.
Easy peasy and quite yummy too!
So I started with some Trader Joe's lemon crisp thin cookies, some home made lemon filling (I used a Martha Stewart recipe), and some whipped cream.
I layered all of these together, and then covered the cake with more whipped cream.
This sat in the refrigerator for 24 hours, during which time the cookies absorb the lemon filling and cream and they get soft, like cake.  So when you slice the cake, you have these layers.
I finished it off with some yellow cake glitter that I already had and a few strawberries.
I would definitely make another one of these. Especially in the summer when it might be too hot to run the oven.
And I've even gotten into making cake tag art.
Enjoy your day!

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Linda R said...

Happy Birthday to You... I do hope it was a great one. That cake sure does look yummy.. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.. And that tag is so sweet..

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