Saturday, March 7, 2015


I've been reading a bunch of things lately. My brain is just all over the place.
I've also been buying a few too many books lately.
Naughty naughty me.
Here's my fiction reads.
 This book as was good as when my teacher read it to my class back in fifth grade.
That's been a long time but what an enjoyable trip it took me on.

And after years of having this book recommended to me, I am finally reading it now.
OK, so I am a bit slow.
But both of these were sitting on my shelf and it was just the right time to read them.

Then I have been on a knitting kick lately.
My latest knitting project book:

Something I've always wanted to try some Scandinavian mittens.
I bought the yarn over my vacation a week back but had to spend hours untangling the big skein my dog managed to get all messed up for me. But now that is done and once I pop back on my feet from this head cold I will begin.
This is the year I am all about trying new things.
 And I also have picked these 2  books in used copies for inspiration.

And another British Bake Off cookbook to tease my baking obsession.
Now that life is getting back on an even keel from my husband's hospitalization and kidney issues, I am starting to bake again. This is the year to try new baking projects also.

And my latest art/painting book.
I have started painted more and I will admit it is going in fits and starts. There's so much to learn, but that is the fun about starting a new hobby/skill/activity.
Don't you agree?

Here's a couple of not so new books that I will include here because I think they are excellent.
If you want some comfort and stand out food that is.
Did you see this series on PBS?  I was hooked.
And this is my heritage, and I love exploring that.
This book has a bit of whimsy and holiday cheer to it.
Not that I want it to be Christmas again soon-
please lets  get this winter done and have some nice weather.
But it will be back soon enough, won't it?
OK, shut me up.
That's all for me right now.  Have a fantastic day everyone and thanks for stopping by to visit.

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