Sunday, March 13, 2016

Churches a la New Mexico

OK, another trip photo day. I am making my way oh so slowly through my trip photos and am almost done. One thing that is really fascinating about New Mexico is how every little village has one of these wonderful adobe churches. In fact, the village is clustered around the little church, and most of these are very old (for the US that is). Even if 2 villages are very close, they each have their little church, which I believe was originally part of a compound from the original Spanish settlements back in the 1600's. You would have a church in the center of the compound and homes around it. Some of these (as my reading book has informed me) were enclosed by walls for protection against the Native American tribes who often came in to steal livestock or kidnap people, or even worse, attack, murder and scalp people. Of course it only fair for me to add the original settlers did the same thing back to the Native Americans, so back in the "old days" it wasn't a very safe or secure place to live.
But I love these little villages and their churches.
Not on this trip but on other trips when we were traveling the back roads we would come across a little village in the middle of no where, and even there, you would have the little adobe church and the little village around it.
The church above is very small in a tiny community in north Taos but even it has some beautiful art.
And this one has a wooden bell tower. And this very cute little side building.

Below is a  church in south Taos, painted by Georgia O'Keeffe and photographed by Ansel Adams among many other artists.

I was not able to enter either of these churches as the doors were locked, which was a shame because I bet they have some interesting art inside. They really have no or few windows, and the few churches I have been in like this have little nichoes or cubbies recessed into the wall to hold statues and sometimes even really beautiful folk art type paintings.

We had to laugh about this sign which was posted outside of one of the churches we visited.
So my weekend started off a bit crazy. My daughter and I went out shopping Friday evening when we got a call from my hubby that he was having erratic heart rhythms at dialysis. So we went and got him and took him to the hospital and he ended up being admitted for a night to get his heart back to normal. The good news is that his rate is back to perfect and normal; they think might have been triggered by a single event, and hopefully isn't a long term problem that needs to be treated. So he's home now and I am hoping today I can have a more normal weekend day.
We shall see.  Never a dull moment.
Hope everyone else's weekend is a little less bad exciting and a little more fun exciting.
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Divers and Sundry said...

glad things have settled down health-wise and I hope that stays calm.

I love the photos! I've never been out west, and I'm loving these scenes. Thx! :)

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

I'm glad to hear that your hubby is feeling better Erika, it must have been very stressful.

The photos are great, love the one with parking for the father.

Love and hugs

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the photos, the architecture is very fascinating, I would love to be able to see it, too, but it's great that you are sharing the photos. Hope your Hubby is soon well again, all the best for him. Hugs, Valerie

Anonymous said...

Scary moment that I am so glad turned out okay. Love your churches and signs and Madonna's in stone grottos. Great shots for the religious feel of that world. xox

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's too bad you were unable to go inside either of these churches, which seems odd for small towns. That's more like a big city problem. But you got some gorgeous exterior shots. I really liked the signs. And the beautiful Madonna. What a joy that must have been to walk around those churches and capture them in all their digital glory.

What a scary night you must have had. I hope it doesn't put his kidney operation off longer. I hope he feels better by now.