Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some Travel Journal Views

A little bit of travel journal peeks today.  I've been doing a little work on it when I have a few minutes. Got to catch the spirit of a trip while the spirit is still fresh in your soul.
I am really happy with my fork and knife. They are wooden ones we got when my daughter and I stopped for a little afternoon pick me up. I painted them when I got home and I love how they turned out! The A+ sticker was actually something my hubby got at dialysis, and I found on the floor. I thought it worked on this page, even if it didn't have a lot to my trip.
All kind of paper trinkets. I love cutting and pasting.
I loved this New Mexico sign postcard too.  I had to buy it just for this journal.

The little metallic charm really pops and makes the paint pop on this page.
Lots more cut and paste.

Another great cheap little souvenir-this New Mexico sticker.

Thursday's here already. I'm about ready for the weekend- and ready for another trip too. Ha-ha.
A girl's got to keep the dream going.
More of my journal another post.
Enjoy your day.


froebelsternchen said...

Wow.. such super pages all this! I love your style Erika!
The fork and knife are such a good idea ..
I smiled about the blood sticker A+
from your hubby ...
you use everything - super!
I have exactly the opposite blood - B minus.

You asked me about the media I used on my today's face:
Oilpastel, White Gesso, Watersoluble Pencils, a little bit of tube watercolour,another layer of white Gesso and
love - love - love

coloring faces is like applying make up ...
on my skin I won't put on so much layers - but in painting faces it is good and gives the face depth !

Hope your day went well - weekend in sight - isn't that welcome?!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your travel journal makes me smile. I would love to create something like this because I always collected post cards whenever and wherever I traveled. I like how you incorporated them in your journal and the tiny punches you used to attach them to the pages. This is SO clever. You inspire me.

I got to thinking about your comment on my faux rust. I think if I had heated the NEARLY dry Mod Podge and cinnamon, it would have bubbled and worked better. After all, I've used that technique before, where I get bubbles in the paint when it's nearly dry. You might want to try that, but I wouldn't try spray paint (but that's just me).

Valerie-Jael said...

Your travel journal is a treasure trove of wonderful memories. Hugs, Valerie

Christine said...

such a great idea to do a travel journal like this, really nice!