Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back to Iceland Again-And No, I'm not on a Plane

Happy Friday everyone. Another week is winding down, and considering it was a pretty quiet week for me, it still flew right by. I spent a lot of time working in my journals. I worked on pages in my summer journal, and also made a big push in my Iceland journal.  My goal is to finish that before I got back to work at the end of next week.
 I am linking up to several challenges.First of all, I am linking up to Try It On Tuesday. The latest challenge is book pages, and that's what I used as my background to make these two pages here. When I made my journal I used some pages from a  child's book about Iceland and Greenland that I found on eBay.  The left side of the spread in the back soft cover of the children's book. I stitched and then put some gesso inside the stitched part, and than I added this fun postcard of the Reykjavik Cathedral I picked up. Since it is labeled Icelandic punctuality, I added a couple of wrist watch stamps and also the little metal number. 
I also wanted to make a page about all the flowers in bloom.  I had bought this rather big lot of used postage stamps from Iceland (also off of eBay) and I decided all this page needed was for me to attached the stamps in an organized manner. I think the flowers look great on the printed background.
I liked how this worked so much I decided to do it again with some more stamps. This time I painted the page with some light blue paint and then attached some geology related postage stamps.
Iceland is so much about it geology, in fact it wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the separating of 2 large geologic plates. Traveling with 3 other science geeks, you know we had some geology talk. :)
Flowers and geology are both wonders of nature. They are also a really interesting part of the island that is Iceland. So I am linking up to Art Journal Journey. The theme this month is Nature's Wonders chosen by this month's great hostess, Gill.
Finally, I have one more journal page to show you. This is another page done on a book page, and also part of my Iceland travel journal. I wanted to make a page in my journal about some of the unique Icelandic drinks I had that week. I took a few slight liberties on the labels. The first beer-the Einstock- had a gorgeous Viking head, which I could not draw, so I used a Viking stamp I own in place of it. And I had to outline the white letters on the second beer bottle so they would show up better.
Because I painted these I am also going to link up to Paint Party Friday. Thanks Kristen and Eva for hosting.
Stop by all these web pages to check out some interesting art.
And since I showed you a postcard of the Reykjavik Cathedral, let me show you a few photos of this interesting piece of architecture.
 This is the view of the front of the cathedral from across the street.
Here's a couple of close ups. The picture above was taken with my phone and these next 2 with my camera.  I just love the dreamy colors my camera caught.

 These rock like ridges remind me of the Volcanic rocks you see on the island. The building,  given artistic license and in Scandinavian modern style,  resembles the volcanoes on the island.
 Inside the cathedral

 This cathedral is as stark as the Icelandic environment.
 I love the sky color outside the windows here. It  looks painted, doesn't it?
And this is the large set of organ pipes in the back.
 I think the cathedral is interesting architecture and really reflects the Icelandic environment and what I know of the culture. I'm not sure I'm in love with it, but it made me think.  I guess that means the architects were successful in their design.  What do you think?
Hope everyone has a great weekend, and thanks for visiting my blog.


Valerie-Jael said...

Thanks for more wonderful journal pages about Iceland, which really is full of wonders, and evidently not just of nature. Great use of those stamps! Thanks for joining us again at AJJ, Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Lovely pages dear Erika! You have always so many fantastic ideas! Great with the postage stamps for your Iceland-Journal! Awesome and the bottles scene is super as well! What a fantastic cathedrale! Awesome architecture - so interesting built!
Thank you for sharing that all and thank you for joining AJJ again and I wish you a very happy weekend! ENJOY this !!!!!
oxo Susi

Gibby Frogett said...

More fabulous pages for your Iceland Journal Erika - love the colourful and pretty stamps and all the other little details that you always add. The geology and flowers certainly are wonders of nature, so glad you shared this at AJJ
Great photos too- the first photo of the cathedral looks like a bit like a space rocket. Love the views and angles you have taken of the inside - it amazes me how they build something beautiful like this being so tall and with so many different shapes and angles.
Happy Friday to you and wishing you a wonderful weekend.. Gill xx

SLScheibe said...

Super pages about Iceland! I really love the stamps - they're gorgeous, really pretty. Photos are fab too and that cathedral is something to see. So stark and beautiful.

Christine said...

lovely pages, what a fabulous cathedral. Thanks for sharing the photos, would be lovely to visit Iceland one day!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

and.... ♥♥♥ thank you for joining Try It On Tuesday Erika!

oxo Susi

Gillena Cox said...

Stunning photo snaps, luv the bottles overlaid with the print
Happy PPF

much love...

Meggymay said...

Once again, some awesome journal pages from your trip to Iceland, full of interesting details. The photos are lovely and how vast that cathedral seems, great architecture.
Have a good weekend
Yvonne xx
p.s. Thank you for sharing with us at TioT's as well.

Margik said...

A fabulous journal page with the fun postcard and the lovely flower stamps, and I love the sewing detail.
Your Iceland journal is fantastic, Erika!
Mar x

Let's Art Journal said...

What fantastic pages Erica! I love how you have used those stamps, they looks like a wall of mini canvases - so beautiful! You have really captured the wonder of Iceland and visited so many awesome places while you were there! The cathedral is such an amazing design. I'm loving the beer page too, not sure about the absinthe though ;-). Wishing you a lovely weekend! J :-)

Faye said...

What an experience you had to visit Iceland! And all those stamps really make a great journal page. In fact, everything about your post is fascinating, especially those fab photos. It's great you can keep on enjoying the trip long after returning home.

Lynn Cohen said...

I enjoyed "traveling" with you via your pages and photos! Beautiful collection of stamps! Terrific drawing, and breathtaking architecture! Quite the ride!

Thanks for your input on my blog question today too! Much appreciated!

sirkkis said...

Great post, Erika. Love your fab page and photos. Thanks for sharing.
Have a happy weekend xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Once again, your Icelandic pages were spectacular. The stamps were simply incredible. But the crowning glory was that unbelievable church/cathedral. I found so much to appreciate in the architecture of the outside, and the stark beauty on the inside. I was amazed at how many people were visiting. It never occurred to me there would be so many people visiting Iceland at the same time.

I think I misled you when I told you about the Roosevelts. It's been about a year since their special was on. Other presidents came before them, but it's been over a period of several years. The Roosevelts was a seven episode show beginning with Teddy, then how Franklin fit in long before he was president, and later how Eleanor became the brains and wisdom behind the man, especially in his 4th term when he was so sick. It wasn't American Experience, but a special put on by Ken Burns. I looked it up and you can read a bit about it here:

carol l mckenna said...

Very creative journal pages and awesome photography!

Happy Creating to you ^_^ and thanks for visiting ^_^

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Wow this is a wonderful post. Incredible photos.

Anonymous said...

Your pages are so interesting, so many pretty things to look at. I really love the flowers stamps.

Carol said...

love the post ♥♥♥♥ Your journal pages are great and I love the photos of the cathedral. It does capture the feel of Iceland for sure ♥

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh My Erika! What fantastic post - your fabulous journal pages are for me the the best photos to look at but your painting and those lovely scenes of the cathedral are wonderful! You have made me really want to visit Iceland! So pleased you joined us at try It On Tuesday! Chrisx

Nordljus said...

What great eBay finds! Your pages look awesome, those stamps are beautiful! And your bottle page looks fun too! Gorgeous photos too, that cathedral really looks special!

Jeanie said...

I love your Iceland photos (and the stamps!!!) and I'm so glad you are sharing so many of your photos and pages. I love seeing people's travel things -- especially when it is such an intriguing place.

Mrs.B said...

Hi Erika, Love your Icelandic journal page with the fun postcard of the Cathedral and a lovely colourful page of stamps next to it.
I'm so pleased you showed the photos a gorgeous sky too, my DD was there in February this year and showed me 'snowy' photos of it, it is a stunning building. Thanks for sharing the pics from inside too.
Avril xx
p.s. Thanks for linking up to TioT