Monday, August 22, 2016

Sangria Fest

Howdy T Gang and everyone else. It Tuesday once again. Time for T Is for Tuesday.
As some of you might know,  a couple of weekends ago my husband and I went to the Hudson River Valley in New York. My sister-in-law asked us to go along with her and her husband. I think she was worried her hubby wouldn't take his vacation (he's rather a work-aholic) if it was just the two of them going. Plus its always fun to travel with another couple.
My husband and I let them pick the destination. They really wanted to go to this Sangria Festival in Marlborough. Since it is T Day, I thought I would share a few photos from the Winery where the festival was.

It was really pretty there.  The little blue water that looks like a lake is what you can see of  the Hudson River.

They had all these various sangrias to  taste. My favorite was called Bee Tea. After tasting them, I bought  a glass to have with my lunch.  I think this winery had the marketing down. Give out 8 small tastes and then charge for either a glass or a pitcher of your favorites.
Unfortunately it was an uncomfortably hot day. I think it was about 97 degrees Fahrenheit (about 27 degrees Celsius) with very high humidity,  It really didn't make you want to drink, even cold sangria. This one glass was more than enough. 
We did take a tour of the cellars though.

Wine making is much more complicated than stomping on grapes and letting the juice age in oak barrels. (That was new to me) Now I don't claim to be any type of wine connoisseur, so I can't tell you what these shiny  containers were used for. I was actually so warm that I was basking in the coolness of the cellars. 

I did think this old barrel was pretty interesting.
 I think this would have been a lot more fun if it wasn't so hot. But it still is a good story.  And something I had never done before. I'm glad we went.

We left fairly early and headed to our hotel which had a pretty nice pool. And air conditioned rooms. :) 
Stop by Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to see what the tea gang is up to, and maybe you even want to join in too.
We are having some cool fall like weather. :)  In fact, I had to shut down some windows last night it dropped into the 40's. Crisp and chilly. But what a difference from the weather while at the Sangria Fest. Guess it is preparing me for the start of school. :(
Happy T Day everyone.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Please send me your weather. At 10 pm my time, it was still 80 F. I'm ready for cooler weather. I had company tonight or I would have been by sooner. However, it was almost too warm to sit out on the back patio, never mind making a chiminea fire.

Sounds like you had fun at the Sangria festival. To show my ignorance, I don't think I've ever had sangria. But the process looked interesting and fun to see. So glad you got to take a tour of the facility, because that is the part I enjoyed seeing. Of course, I enjoyed all your photos, including the various glasses of sangria you and everyone had.

Thanks for sharing this trip and facility visit with us for T this Tuesday. It looked like a fun time.

Valerie-Jael said...

Now this looks like a great place to spend a few days, and with good food and drink too. The old barrels are fantastic, I love seeing them. Have a happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Meggymay said...

What a lovely destination on your holiday. The photos look super, Eight free tastes seems very generous, but it would encourage folk to buy if they liked the taste.
Happy Tuesday.
Yvonne xx

Linda Kunsman said...

Despite the heat this sounds like a really nice trip. Hubby and I need to visit a winery some day:) Your sangria sounds very refreshing-one i would have chosen too! Thanks for taking us on the tour, and happy T day!

Halle said...

Looks like a fun place to visit....likely a lot more fun on a cooler day. :)

~*~Patty S said...

Oh that heat really takes the starch out of me too.
Grateful to have some lower humidity this week to air out the new room with all of the "new" smells in there.
Bee Tea Sangria would have caught my eye too just from the sounds of it.
Getting to sample a variety is great marketing.
Those Hibiscus blooms are splendid and fun seeing all of your photos! Glad you all got away for some fun.
Work will wait ;-)
Happy T Day Erika oxo

Divers and Sundry said...

I think it feels like fall here, too, even if the lows are only the lower 70sF lol. There's just something in the air.

I agree with you that doing something new -something you've never done before- is a real treat. I would think a winery tour would be fun :)

Happy T Tuesday.

Lisca Meijer said...

This is definitely the sort of place I would like to visit on holiday! The Bee Tea Sangria looks nteresting. Doesn't look at all what we in Spain think of as sangria. Is bea tea another word for honey? You obviously liked it as you had it with your lunch.
All those barrels and the wine making equipment is fascinating.
The hibiscus flowers are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing that lovely visit.

Let's Art Journal said...

The Sangria Festival looked so much fun! I like the sound of the Berry Sangria, yum! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

sheila 77 said...

Oh that was great fun, Erika, you are so generous in sharing your outings. I liked the colour of the barrels and the idea of having small different tastes, which would be enough for me, and I enjoyed the distant view of the Hudson river.

genie said...

I have never been to a wine festival at a winery town, yes, bot not at a winery. I bet it was wonderful looking at all of our pictures. There was so much to see...and a little sangria, too. I have not had it in years. Love the hibiscus and the grapes on the vines. genie

pearshapedcrafting said...

This place looks so interesting but I would not have enjoyed the heat! Love the names of Sangria though! The hotel sounds like it was just what you needed! Hugs, Chrisx

Anonymous said...

What a spot, so pretty I wouldn't mind hanging out there at all and Bee Tea Sangria sounds yummy. xox

Carol said...

Great photos!!!! To bad it was such a hot day because I can see enjoying a long stay there with the views. :)

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my .. I would have loved to be there with you!

Darla said...

Since I am often in the CA wine country it was a lot of fun to see the vines and winery in another area. I like sangria as a summertime drink. Maybe not in weather quite as hot as you had through.

Jeanie said...

Sounds wonderful! I missed our last wine tasting -- it's so hot here now, I could use a good gulp of sangria!