Sunday, December 13, 2020

Weekend Post-Christmas Decorations

Hi everyone. Hope your weekend is going well.  Life is good here, including a bit of a warm up for a couple of days. Although today we are fogged in completely.

I still haven't fixed the lights on my tree yet, and look, this morning I noticed now the top lights are now out. Grrrr.  The dilemma is now, do I just leave it as is until Christmas and then take the whole thing down, or do I de-decorate and relight it , leaving it up through January as I usually do? Hmmmm. I need to think about that one.

Since it is the weekend, I thought it was time for something on the lighter side. Today I have a photo post. Let me take you for a quick tour of my holiday decorating.

I have a Santa collection. Back in the 1990's, my husband and young daughter would get one for me every year. That started this collection. I have since bought a couple myself and when my mother-in-law cleaned out her holiday decorations, she passed a couple my way also.

This first photo is my original collection. These are more traditional.

And here's a few more.  These are more non-traditional ones and are the newer ones.
This hanging one is cool also. I never knew Santa to ride a Canada Goose before.

I also have a Santa on my "hutch" (no not for rabbits-smile) in my dining room, along with some other assorted holiday pieces. 
(Sorry the photos aren't great; it's hard to get a face on view because of my table.)

Did you notice the menorah like candle holder on the left in this above photo? I don't believe its actually a menorah because it doesn't have enough spots for candles, but it does look like one. Does anyone know what it might be about? I know it came from Sweden many years ago and my Mom had it, and now I have it. We have never yet figured out if it means anything or is just the style.

Here is my fireplace mantel.  Some years I put more on it and take down the center clock, but this year I decided to go with a simpler style.

On the right are 2very large Swedish tomte, like gnomes. And on the left is my snowy owl I bought a very long time ago from Annalee. It is starting to look a little worse for wear but it's one of my favorite decorations. Of course I do have a soft spot for owls.
Here's a wreath my daughter made and left behind when she moved out 3 years ago.

I rather like it.

And this cross stitch is another oldie I made back in the 1980's when I did a lot of embroidery.

My frame looks like it needs to be reglued.
My light over my table made festive for the season. 

The coco and mugs on the old cookstove (which came out of my husband's family camp when his parents turned it over to their year round home)  is a gift for the mother and daughter who run the doggy daycare where Maddie  goes. The mugs are covered in cute dogs!

And finally the shrine, as my daughter calls it. It's a small tabletop tree and I put up some of those kid decorations my daughter made when she was young. I like it. It's fun to have those memories.

That's all for me today. Enjoy the what's left to your weekend.


Laurie said...

Your Christmas home is a magical wonderland! Your Santa collection is amazing! It must take a while to put it all away ! It’s wonderful, I enjoyed every photo and every word.

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

It's looking so lovely and festive Erika with all your memories, past trinkets and seasonal delights. I've had the same happen in the past with my tree and lights that have stopped working half way. I have a small set of battery operated lights that I keep for occasions just like this that I can fill in the gaps saves taking it down and restringing, like a little comfort blanket.. Still looks beautiful even part lit. Wishing you a super new week Hugs Tracey x

Iris Flavia said...

The Santas, the tradition and your embroidery!
I´d leave the tree like that. Till end of January :-)

CJ Kennedy said...

Lovely decorations. I'm lazy. I'd leave the tree as is and then get new lights for it for next year. That is not a menorah as there are 8 days to Hanukkah. The thing you have has only 7 places. A menorah would have 9. One candle for each of the 7 days and a special candle in the middle to light the other candles. I have a friend from Sweden, I'll ask her if she knows what it is. Enjoy your day.

CJ Kennedy said...

I just heard from my friend in Sweden. I asked her if the candelabra was something that was used in the St. Lucia festival celebrated on 12/13. Here's what she said: No it's not a Lucia thing, more of a general old fashioned candelabra, not necessarily christmas oriented (I think). I recognize the style and would say it would be a grandmother thing here (ie my grandmother's generation). You don't see them very often nowadays.

LA Paylor said...

I wouldn't redecorate it now... but you could use icicle lights that drape? Just a loose spiral on top going down would give a lot of bang for your buck. Or let those Santas be the stars this year. Love them

Jeanie said...

I love the shrine! Rick has so few of the boys' early decorations -- I think they ended up with their mom. I love your Santa collection. They're quite beautiful and diverse, too. And that cross stitch totally wowed me! Your mantel is really pretty -- I like your Swedish ones. And the "menorah" -- good point. I thought that too, until you mentioned there weren't enough slots. You're right. I wonder if someone goofed when they made it!

No matter, it's a fun, festive house filled with color and light and I know lots of love. (Can you put lights on for now over the decor, tuck the cords in the branches and then take them off when you take it down and remove all the older lights then? It's a shame not to have it bright!

The Padre said...

So Dig That Tree - Amazing Fireplace For Sure - Happy Holidays - Stay Strong


nwilliams6 said...

Wow - you went all out! Everything is just soooo fun! Love your collections and that old stove. Amazing pictures!!! Hugz

Divers and Sundry said...

Cranky lights are a problem. We un-decorated one year and put up new lights, but I'll never do it again. Never lol Your Santas are a fun collection. So many! I have a tomte on my patio, and I have to keep telling folks that he's not a gnome lol I insist! I love than bell wreath. I have a lot of bells on my Christmas tree, and the wreath would fit in nicely. Hmmm... Maybe I'll look into that for next year :) Your embroidered piece makes a wonderful decoration! It's sweet how you display the childhood ornaments.