Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Take Wing

Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday. 

Today I have a page for Mia's butterfly challenge at Art Journal Journey . You might better recognize Mia by her blog's name which is Craftartista.

My page began with some assorted colored acrylic paints. I stamped the Dina Wakely face several times on the page after that. I colored the faces in with markers.  I then used matte medium to attach down these pieces of lace cut paper I had. Unfortunately ithese pieces of lace paper were too pink so I sponged on a bit of blue acrylic paint to tone it down.  That did the trick.

Then this page sat for about 2 months because I didn't know what to do with it.

Finally when I had  some butterfly stamps out to make pages for Mia's challenge, I saw the quote. It was speaking to me to be used on this page. I used a stamped and fussy cut butterfly, but I decided to leave it uncolored so it was stand out more against the background. I added some sticky swirly gemstones to give it motion. Then I finished my page with a few assorted sequins. 

And although my pages and photos all month have been mostly on the garden/nature side, how about something different? How about a few industrial photos from our couple of boat trips this year so far?

Cranes at the Naval Shipyard and also to do unloading on the commercial pier.

The New Hampshire side of the river has a lot of industry. The Maine side has none until you reach the Naval shipyard.

And then there's some bridges. First the old next to the new.

The drawbridges.

And the ones with simpler (than a drawbridge) smaller pile driven supports.

And one big permanent bridge to finish off my post.

Hope your week is going well so far.



R's Rue said...

I love the boating photos. They look so beautiful. Hope you’re week is going swell.

kathyinozarks said...

oh wow you live in a very nifty area-enjoyed seeing the photos of the naval shipyard, loved your butterfly art too-happy wednesday hugs

Valerie-Jael said...

What a beautiful journal page, and I love the quote, too. Your 'industrial' photos make me happy, I grew up next to the London docks, so things like this make me really happy. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh Erika, this is an amazing journal page. I think the quote is absolutely perfect and I love how you colored the faces, too. It's a real beauty and a great one for Mia's theme at AJJ.

You know how I LOVE anything industrial and the Navy Yard and drawbridge really had me sitting up straight to take particular notice. I really enjoyed these incredible photos that probably mean more to me than they do to others who aren't into heavy equipment and industrial photos. Thanks so very much for these.

I was surprised you had never seen Wendy before. I created her 12 years ago for the first What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW). It was the first time I stamped on fabric. I stamped her face, then stuffed and sewed it in place. I added a few long hairs because I have very, very short hair, but bangs that come to and often below my eyebrows. I then cut the bodice out of fabric and the skirt out of some very heavy cloth I had. I used the ONLY stencil I owned at the time to write the letters down the side of her skirt. She has been everywhere with me over the years, from the grocery store to the bakery, the florist, the voting booth, and the ATM to name a few. She looks pretty good for 12, I think.

Divers and Sundry said...

Love the bridges. I wish we had a 3rd bridge for vehicular traffic here. The industrial sights aren't something we see on the river here.

Joan said...

Fab page Erica, love the sun face and I think I recognise the lady in the middle from a stamp set I have had a long time, reminds me to find it out again !


craftytrog said...

Great photos, and I love your beautiful page! xx

CJ Kennedy said...

Pretty page. Cool looking machinery and bridges. Looks like you had beautiful weather on the water.

Mae Travels said...

Industrial settings and ports fascinate me too. The famous Ford Rouge plant in Dearborn, Michigan, (designed by the architect Albert Kahn) is a fabulous sight, though the steel mill, which I found especially interesting looking, is no longer active (I think).

I saw a great exhibit once of how the industrial buildings of the early 20th century influenced the style of some seemingly abstract artists' work. I also love to see ports, so I liked your photos.

best... mae at

Manav Singhi said...

Beautiful Pictures . . . You Have a Great Day. . . :)

Iris Flavia said...

Great quote! Let´s reach for the sky!
Wow, another new technique!
2 months?! You are a patient person!

Wow - those cranes are impressive! My W worked with those, he told me.

Great, great pics, thank you for sharing, wow!
Oh, I miss "the water", the ocean.

Elkes Lebensglück said...

I love your imaginative page with the faces!
Your photos are so interesting with the industry to see it that way!
Have a Happy day, hugs -Elke

Iris Flavia said...

Lovely page and quote. Clever, the butterfly does stand out, I learn so much again :-)

Love the pics! I hated statics at uni and Ingo had to help me, but I still find it fascinating. To a great Friday.

nwilliams6 said...

Erika, a great butterfly page with the faces and the encouraging words. Love the texture too.

Fab pictures of the bridges and industrial sites - these are amazing and definately art in themselves. Amazing stuff and I know your boat trips were fun.


Annie said...

A great journal page of color. The butterfly left to remain black & white is perfect. I love the colorful faces. I also love industrial scenes as well as anything on and around water. Terrific photos.

Jeanie said...

I love those photos from the boat. Those cranes are just enormous, aren't they? How on earth do they travel from spot to spot? I've never seen one on the road. I love ports; they're intriguing. But what I love most of all is the water and boats!

Neet said...

A lovely page of faces and av butterfly. I do like how you have coloured the faces with other than flesh tones but with toning colours to your background. The idea of the black and white butterfly is good as it draws the eye into the faces
Those photographs are great and would make for a terrific basis for a steampunk page some time. Fabulous shapes.
Hugs, Neet xx

Meggymay said...

I love how you used the faces for a starting point for this fabulous page Erika, I must try to use some of my started yet unfinished pages, thanks for the tip off.
The photos from the boat trips look awesome as well.
Yvonne xx