Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Final Troll and Some Garden Photos

 Hi everyone. Happy Sunday. 

This is another pre-post as my daughter and her beau are still here. Yesterday afternoon was my husband's niece's wedding, so it was busy day. I can tell you more about that event another time since I am writing this post before the wedding occurred.  I can tell you I was worried I wouldn't make the wedding. Silly me getting my shingles and flu shots the day before. Luckily the Tylenol took care of my aches and headache!

I do want to share the final of the 5 trolls today, and I will show you a few photos from the Gardens also.

The last troll is the troll of the leaves named Gro. We found her in the late afternoon, and since she was deep in the forest, there were lots of shadows.  

She looked a lot like a yoga troll too. Smile.
Gro was situated in a large rhododendron grove, so I bet come late spring she will be in a beautiful flowering spot.

And here's a few other photos I took in the gardens.

Near Gro was this pretty little waterfall.

As we were in the forest and surrounded by some not blooming rhododendrons, it was hard to get a full photo of the waterfall.

And do you remember the Indian Pipe flower stems I showed you earlier this past summer? These are plants with no chlorophyll, which is why they are white and not green. I finally saw some blooming. I haven't seen them bloom before.

Here is the original photo from late July, not take at the Botanical Gardens.

Walking in the woodlands, there were not a lot of flowers, but still some beautiful things to see.
Like mushrooms,

a view of this tidal river,

this giant pine cone statue

and this cod fish.

We also passed a few fairy houses, in an area where children this past summer created a fairy garden.

Maine Coastal Botanical Gardens also had a some other pretty gardens, including a gorgeous dahlia garden and a children's garden.  Here's a few just photos for a tease. 

I'll share a few more views of the  Botanical Garden photos during the upcoming week.
Enjoy what is left of your weekend.


Valerie-Jael said...

Fabulous photos from the lovely Troll and the gardens, I so want to walk around there. The squirrel shot is great. Love the grove of stones, so magical. Take care of yourself, hope you soon feel better. I'm scheduled to get my shots next Friday. Take care, hugs, Valerie

Angie's Recipes said...

Love the waterfall and the view of the river is stunning...and the macro shots of the flowers are very pretty too. A happy post :-)

Divers and Sundry said...

Good for you getting the shingles vaccine! Flu shot, too. I got my shingles shot several years ago, and I plan on getting the flu shot next week sometime.

"Yoga troll" is what I thought, too lol I'm not used to seeing trolls as peaceful creatures. The waterfall is a pleasant feature, especially tucked away like that. The stone structure looks like it would invite play, and the riverview is lovely.

Lowcarb team member said...

Another F A B U L O U S post.
Thank you.

All the best Jan

DVArtist said...

That waterfall is spectacular. Another wonderful post.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed reading about Gro and how leaves are so vital to all life. This was amazing, Erika. You sure found them all and I love how each was different, yet stood for something very important in the tree world.

Those dahlias were HUGE. So glad you showed a comparison photo. I also love the waterfall, and one of those rock formations reminded me of Stonehenge. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. I hope the weather went well for you and you got over the ill effects your shots by the time you arrived at the wedding.

craftytrog said...

Beautiful beautiful photos Erika! That garden really is amazing!
Happy new week,

CJ Kennedy said...

Gro is so fun. The way you captured the waterfall is amazing. I didn't know Indian Pipes bloomed just thought they were pipes. Lovely walk through the woods. The beautiful dahlias remind me of the dahlias on Enders Island where some of them are the size of dinner plates!

Matilde said...

Very beautiful photos, Erika 😍 This place is amazing!

Jeanie said...

This is such a great spot. I'm so glad you shared it with us.