Sunday, October 31, 2021

Welcome To Salem

 Hi everyone. Happy Halloween.

A few weeks back we were having some gorgeous October weather, so my friend and I took a little road trip to Salem, Massachusetts. (It isn't that far from home, just over an hour for me.)  It was still very early October, and who would have expected it to be so crazy already? I guess October as a whole is crazy in that city.

I apologize for the long post today!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Salem, it was first settled in 1626,  and not much later the Massachusetts Bay Company arrived. This event opened the door for many Puritans to move into the new settlement, making it one of the religious centers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In 1629 it received a charter from the King of England, making it a self-autonomous or ruling community.  In 1692, the settlement was hit with witch fever, and  19 people were hanged or pressed to death for the crime of being witches. There have been many theories about why these men and women were accused of being witches, including that some of the rye flour people used to make their bread was contaminate with a rye fungus called ergot.  When the Governor of the settlement's wife was accused of being a witch, he stopped the trials and the Salem witch "events" ended. 

Salem then went on to become the largest trading port in the 13 American colonies up until the American Revolution, and it continued being an important trade port into the 1800's.

My friend and I didn't do too much on our visit as places were either very crowded or tickets were sold out. Some of the places looked a little hokey too, and why spend money for something dumb? We did have a wonderful day walking around with our cameras though, and we did have a delicious lunch outside. 

I thought for Halloween I would give you a little taste of some of what I saw.

This one area of the city was crowded, not only with spooky decorations, but with people dressed up for Halloween. They wanted money to have their pictures taken with you, and I didn't want to pay, so my photos aren't straight on.

I'm not sure what I was trying to photograph in this next picture, but the photo looks like a spooky ghost is looking back at me. 

 I took this next  photo in late morning when it was just getting crowded. When we walked back through here in the afternoon to get back to the car, there were a lot more people here. I put my mask on with all those people. (I did like that the city of Salem required masks indoors.)

I can only image how many spirited people are here today on Halloween, especially since it the weekend.

And if your style isn't so spooky, here's a couple of cuter Halloween views.

A jack-o-lantern in the National Park headquarters.

And this fun door decor I spotted while we walked.

I much preferred the historical places. We walked through the original graveyard from when Salem was just a settlement. Next to it was also a memorial to those innocent people who had been killed as witches. I enjoy walking through old graveyards, so here's some pictures I took there. I will share other photos of Salem with you later in the week. 

These grave carvings can be a bit spooky too, but really fascinating also. Some of these stones are so hard to read. I don't know much about the meaning of these figures put onto the stones, but they can be found all over parts of New England.

This tree's roots are really upsetting the stones and the graves below.

OK, I might have gotten a bit carried away with my number of gravestone photos in this post.
And changing a photo to black and white makes it a bit spookier. Just because it is Halloween of course.

I hope your Halloween is as spooky (or not) as you like it.  

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely photos of Salem. I visited there back in 1963/4 when I spent a year with a family in Brooklyn and went to school there. The school organised trips to Salem and Boston, among others. Love the Halloween decorations there, including the live ones! Have a great day, Happy Haunting, hugs, Valerie

Iris Flavia said...

Fun post.
Also the stones. Those are memories of "fun people", huh.

CJ Kennedy said...

Salem on the news this morning, tons of people and spooky revels. I enjoyed your walk in the graveyard and the different designs of Winged Death, the skull with wings. the meaning that life is transient. Have a Happy Halloween!🎃👻🦇 💀🦴

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Fantastic photos! And a great place to visit close to Halloween. (I went there one year for Halloween. It was a lot of fun.)

Happy Halloween!

Let's Art Journal said...

Happy Halloween 😀. Such fab photos of all the spooky Halloween fun - eek! Wishing you a wonderful new week! Hugs Jo x

R's Rue said...

Great photos. Happy Halloween.

DVArtist said...

OMG Erika! This is a stellar post. I have always wanted to visit Salem, Mass. So fortunate that you were there on Halloween. Your photos are fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing. Glad the bees are all warm for the winter. Have a nice evening.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That must have been a fun trip to Salem, even if it does sound like a big tourist trap. I enjoyed seeing a bit of the famous town. Quite nice and fun, too. Thanks for taking me with you on this trips, dear.

Jeanie said...

I've been to Salem before -- eons ago -- but I don't remember anything like this! (I was in September, I think). This looks terrific and the photos are so much fun. I can imagine it is a Halloween haven! Thanks for this!

Birgit said...

I visited Salem vCk in the 90s and it was a very nice town. We centered on the House with thev7 Gables and the graveyard. I was surprised at how dilapidated the stones were and hope they will start restoring them. We also went through the museum talking about the Witch trials. Due to ratty girls eating funky mushrooms, so many suffered and died. I recall driving in and out of Salem was a bit nuts. No one listens to the rules and the blinker is optional.

Divers and Sundry said...

The perfect Halloween outing! It sounds like they get carried away, and who can blame them? lol I enjoyed my virtual visit.