Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Tired tonight- no crafty girl mood here. Will get back to my reading- am half way through Long Way Round and am still totally engrossed. Travel bug has hit me too-well, its come up to the surface because its a constant hit with me. To make up for my lack of being able to take off and see the world right now (how many days is it until summer vacation?) I am posting some more photos from London- let me relive that vacation. Got to photograph the pages I've done so far- really am enjoying doing that journal/scrapbook of our trip. Has a little alphabetical flair to it, makes it fun-I can make a list to keep track of things. List making is so much fun!
Tomorrow I have my last leadership teacher...drawing need to make more a of habit of drawing more...week's flown by, once again. Looking forward to drawing class, should be fun.

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