Saturday, May 17, 2008


No photos to show but I had some surprise and excitement today. Received a free copy of the latest Stamper's Sample and guess what- I have a whole article in it-my blue On A Sunny Day book. WOW! Never saw that coming.
Thanks Cristen for picking my work to grace the pages of the magazine. I'm thrilled and honored!
Also, here's another first for me ( having my work as full article by itself is a BIG first-wow)- two magazines out at the same time have my work in it. Sew Somerset which appears June 1 and now Stamper's Sampler which appears June 1. Also, this the 10th time I've had my artwork published-I know, I can't control myself here- but that's no small accomplishment and I'm not only proud of me but thrilled some people appreciate my artwork to want to publish me.
WOW! Don't mind my ego- but I am so like a little kid the way I get a kick out of that.

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