Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

Man, I can't believe it is Thursday, May 1 already. April is gone, and it is Thursday night of my vacation week. Where is time going?
Haven't been home 1 night all week. Monday I met Lynnie at the Olive Garden, Tuesday I had to get Katie as we were leaving a car for her at my mother-in-laws, yesterday I went to Mom's and stopped in Nashua at Costco and Trader Joe's on the way home and tonight I started my drawing class. I have never had a drawing class, and it was interesting. She wanted us to try to think with the right side of our brain- get away from the logic and the "rules". We drew a sketch of a Picasso sketch- but drew it upside down. Was cool how it came out although my head was a bit small compared to the body. We also drew crumpled paper and our hands without looking at our drawing.
So I have accomplished a lot this week and relaxed a lot too- but as usual with me and vacations- feel like I have got nothing done. I did vac my car and clean out my closet (a must do as it was a mess and I needed summer clothes though its been cold this week-and rainy earlier in the week too). I printed out many London photos-though not all since I take so many photos. I played with clay. I did the cover to my London scrap book today. I visited Mom and did some bark mulching. I finished the Mistress of the Art of Death and started a book I read years ago-" A Year in Province". Still want to make some cards and defrost my freezer- but I have to remind myself I still have 3 days until I have to work-and Dave says he's working Saturday and Katie has a Saturday snow day make-up Saturday so I may be home alone again.
Ok, and since its Mayday- I will quote a song from a great old 60's movie- Camelot- 'Its May
Its May
The Lusy Month of May'

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